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all in with chris hayes, transcript 9/15/2016  -  build a room divider wall
Show: All Chris HAYESDate: guest of September 15, 2016: Tony Schwartz Jelani Cobb, Ed Pilkington, Maria HinojosaJOY Rhett, broadcast host: Good evening everyone, from New York.
I'm Joey Reid from Chris Hayes.
We will rejoin the president who spoke at the annual evening of the Hispanic Caucus Institute in Congress. Take a listen. (
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US President Barack Obama:-The Madness of gun violence. (APPLAUSE)
Yes, we must finally achieve meaningful and effective immigration reform in this country. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: Now I am proud of the administrative actions taken to modernize our system.
I am proud of the work that we have done that shows more than 740,000 Dreamers the country they have grown up in, the country they love, and believe that they deserve the blessings of this country, like your child, like my child. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: But if we are really going to fix this broken system, then we will have to resist the Roar, lies and promises of the higher walls.
We need a comprehensive solution to serve our families and businesses, to develop our economy and to enhance our culture.
It is possible that we need a way to preserve our traditions as an immigrant country and as many countries.
While seeing that students and their hard-working parents are not criminals, not rapists, it is possible to adhere to a legal and orderly system, however, as a family who came here for the same reason that all immigrants came here --(APPLAUSE)
Obama: work, study and create a better life.
You see, throughout the political season, discussions around these issues have gone deeper than in the last few years.
A little private.
A little mean, a little ugly.
People bet that if they can separate us far enough, if they can put down enough of us because of where we came from, what we look like or what religion we believe in, then, this may pay off in the vote.
But I tell you they will lose for sure. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: We 've seen this ugly, angry and mean scene before.
This kind of politics can sometimes continue this day in the short term.
I know there are a lot of people who have this idea of what true America looks like, but somehow it only includes a few of us.
But who decides who is the real America?
Who decides to come here in this immigrant country, in a country where you come here from other places unless you are native to the United States --(APPLAUSE)
Obama:-you have more demands than anyone here.
So we can't win this political brand.
If we are united, if we organize our communities, if we provide enough votes, then the better angels in our nature will carry this day and progress will happen.
But that's all we need.
This is not something the president can do alone.
No matter how tough the next president is, it's not something she can do alone. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: So we have to try to make Congress willing to act on immigration reform.
That means we need more than just people in this room tonight.
We need some new faces under the dome of the Capitol.
All of our parts have to be done.
I have confidence.
Because in the past eight years, every time I encounter difficulties, every time I face doubts, every time I am taught, every time I fail, it is you who let me through the difficulties.
You came to pick me up.
Pick me up from CHC. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: I know I already have allies like Linda, Reuben, Charlie, and nidiya, and I fight your hometown on the Hill even in a tough vote.
It knows that you are nurturing the next generation of leaders, including more than 40 former fellows who have helped lead in my government.
I know you gave people like Diego Quinn a chance. Where`s Diego? Is Diego here?
He's back.
So when Diego was 7, he moved from Mexico to Arkansas with his parents.
His dad did a job in repairing and building wooden pallets, which was a hard job. Callused hands.
A few years later, his father began his own business.
So Diego wakes up at 5: 00 in the morning, loading and unloading pallets by hand, and works in high school every weekend.
His family doesn't have a lot of money, but they have confidence and confidence in the United States.
Because as he said, I quote here, if you come here and work hard, you will succeed in the end.
Today, thanks to DACA, Diego is the first person in his family to graduate from college. (APPLAUSE)
Now he's part of CHCI.
One day, he wants to enter the government himself, not only for Latino children like him, but also for everyone in the United States, to make things better.
What keeps me going is young people.
A person who proves that immigration does not change the character of Americans. immigration is the character of Americans. (APPLAUSE)
That's who we are.
This is full of optimistic dreamers, parents who work long hours and give their children a better chance.
Entrepreneurs who come here to start a business and make Americans work.
There are also teachers, nurses and lawyers who wake up at dawn and start moving forward, and the people who clean up behind us, and the people who take care of our grandparents. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: those who are proud of the country have a pocket Constitution in their pockets.
This is what I know about America. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: This is America I believe more than ever before.
So thank you for picking me up at every step.
Thank you for making this country great.
We still have more work to do, but we will continue to make progress and create a brighter future for everyone in this country we love. Si se puede. Thank you. (APPLAUSE)
Thanks, CHCI. God bless you.
God bless the United States of America. Thank you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Well, President Obama spoke at the annual meeting of the Hispanic Caucus Institute in Congress.
He talked about what he knew about the United States, the United States with its pocket Constitution on its chest.
Of course, this refers to Heather Khan, who gave that powerful speech at the Democratic National Committee.
Another great line is that no matter how hard she is, no president can go through a comprehensive immigration reform alone, and there's a bit of a reference here to Hillary Clinton. All right.
My panelists joined my group tonight: Tony Schwartz is a ghost writer and he is a partner
Considered to be the author of Donald Trump's book The Art of trading, New Yorker's staff writer, Ed Pilkington Cobb, professor at Columbia School of Journalism, lead correspondent for The GuardianS.
And NPR's Latin American host and executive producer, Maria sinonosa. All right.
So, Maria, I'm going to introduce you first, this is what President Obama has done before for comprehensive immigration reform.
You see he made a very strong reason for it.
Given that there are so many obstacles to this, is this argument still in power and strength in the wider Hispanic community?
American Latino executive producer maria hinojosa: so eight years ago, when I first spoke after the president was elected, I actually attended that event.
It was the loveliest time for the president at CHCI.
He was taken hostage when he went two years ago.
At that time, of course, he was already called Deporter-In-Chief.
So tonight, he made this speech, there's no coaxing, there's a unified fact-I 've been to some CHCI events before, not everyone, you know, in line.
So, it's big to see this.
This is an opportunity for the president to change the statement of who Latinos are and who immigrants are, because this statement is largely set by the Trump campaign.
So he said, you know, immigration doesn't change the character of Americans. immigration is the character of Americans.
Perhaps this sentence is often heard, but for Latinos and voters who now need top-level democratic engagement.
High touch, that station may be good.
And, Jelani, that's the point, right?
But you see that Hillary Clinton is clearly doing a better job than Donald Trump, and for various reasons, he is not doing well with people of color voters.
But you 've also seen Hillary Clinton-whose approval ratings have fallen from Barack Obama's in 2008 and 2012.
Can Barack Obama fill the gap for her or what else does she need to be proactive about?
Jayani Cobb, professor at Columbia School of Journalism: Well, I think she needs to do that-it's important, of course.
But what the president said impressed me is that this is exactly the opposite of what you have to lose?
Like, he said in particular, this is what we are interested in, this is what we invest in, this is what we want to do, this is what we want this country to look like.
It's not an attraction to despair, or, why not, why not, nothing else works, it seems to remind me of Obama in 04 and 08, he wants to go beyond the differences of the country and be a person who can really combine things. REID: Yes.
Tony, you know, it's interesting, you know, Barack Obama wants to see Hillary Clinton win very clearly, for a lot of reasons, obviously, his legacy, but for Donald Trump, is a truly clear feeling and emotion that he has earned an international reputation in birtherism and the constant questioning of the president's citizenship, American sexuality.
A problem like immigration is his cornerstone.
So, does he expect a stronger mood for people of color, immigrants, Latinos than you just saw?
Tony Schwartz
Author, The Art of trading: speaking for yourself. REID: Yes.
Schwarz: I mean, this is how he lives and dies.
I mean, he's a divider, he's a polarizer, he wants to attract a very narrow part of the various parts of the rainbow, not necessarily a small part of the voting public.
It is clear that his campaign was initiated by people living under the same moral norms, with the same purpose in mind, so yes.
How do you think he feels about President Obama personally?
Do you think he is envious of what he has achieved, despised, and what do you think his attitude and feelings towards Obama are?
Schwartz: Interestingly, I don't think the core side of Donald Trump is being talked about because people think that deep self is untrue
His hatred is also reflected in serious insecurity.
He projects his feelings of himself to others.
Therefore, I think there is no doubt that he has hatred for Obama because he represents all kinds of qualities that he cannot embody. REID: Yes.
You know, so you have this setup right now, right? you have President Obama coming out.
Hillary Clinton is back in the campaign today to try to revive her support and offer affirmative support for her, not just a vote for Donald Trump.
In your opinion, how important is the president going to do it for her, or is it that she can only do it for herself?
Ed Pilkington, Guardian's chief correspondentS.
I think it's time for her to stand up and start doing it for herself.
I mean, there's such a small interval.
It's only been a few days since the disease, but you 've already felt that Trump is back again, and polls seem to show that.
Polls can easily cause panic.
You have a new one every day, you know, it will drive you crazy.
But I think, you know, to counter what has been said so far, I think Trump is more dangerous than any of us should have thought. hmm.
Pilkington:-In a sense, he's the opposite of Hillary and Obama.
He is a much narrower politician.
He has much less technology.
What he can do is to say a few very, very simple words, which he is making clear.
They are the other side that attracts Latinos and Africans. American voters
You can call it racism if you want.
Maybe not that public, but polls show that white voters are approaching him-HINOJOSA: Yes.
Pilkington: Maybe immigration is one of the reasons.
Reid: To what extent this feeling is fascinating (INAUDIBLE). PILKINGTON: Mm-hmm.
Reid: the feeling of the Trump campaign is that, you know, the idea of resisting authority, a bit of a contempt for expertise, is just attracting the marginal brain of those who think immigration is a problem.
Everyone thinks this will never happen.
It will never happen.
We will talk more about this when we come back.
My group is definitely still there.
Hillary Clinton is expected to speak at any time.
We will listen to her, and there will be more. (
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Reid: you're looking at the Live Photos in Hall D. C.
Hillary Clinton is expected to address the Spanish caucus in Washington at any time. C.
After three days off, from a non-life-
Danger of pneumonia
Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign today, giving the media a lot of face time, chatting with reporters on the plane and speaking at a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, a brief press conference was then held.
As we mentioned just now, Clinton will be speaking at the annual awards gala at the Hispanic Caucus Institute in Congress, and once it starts, we will bring it to your life.
Her warm-up is President Obama.
Clinton's return to the campaign, like polls show, is not surprising given the news cycle of the past week.
According to a new survey by the New York Times and CBS News, she is now linked to Trump among possible voters across the country, leading two points in two error rangesway race. And in a four-
They are even dead.
In Ohio, a new poll at Suffolk University showed Clinton was only three points behind Trump and within the margin of error.
In Iowa, she is eight points behind Trump, according to a poll at the University of Monmouth.
By the way, technically, this is still within the error range of this particular sample. Absorb that.
Earlier today, Clinton was asked about race status at a press conference.
Hillary ClintonD)
Presidential candidate: I 've always said it's going to be a tight game.
I said from the beginning, I am on the next, it doesn't matter.
I am very proud of our campaign.
In the past few weeks, I feel we are in a good position.
It is important who registers the vote, who has the motivation and mobilizes the vote.
Reid: At the same time, her opponents continue to work hard, acting like a traditional, acceptable candidate, and in this morning's speech set a very standard Republican economic plan.
He had to rely on hard copies for a while after the word maker failed.
But Trump couldn't help but shout out after something embarrassing happened yesterday when Pastor Faith Green Timmons interrupted him in a speech at Flint church, Michigan(
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: everything she touches has not been successful. Nothing.
Now Hillary Clinton, Mr. greentimons, United Methodist priestTrump? TRUMP: Yes?
Timmons: I invite you to come here and thank you for everything we do-Trump: Oh, oh, oh, okay, okay.
Timmons:-no-trump: OK.
-Political speech. TRUMP: OK. That`s good.
Then I'll go back to Flint, okay? (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: In an interview this morning, Trump attacked Pastor Timmons, suggesting that she had planned in advance to make him look bad. (
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Trump: She was very nervous and shaking when she stood up and introduced me.
Wow, that's a little weird, I said.
Then she came up.
So there is no doubt that she has this idea.
But she's too nervous. she's like a nervous mess.
Unidentified woman: Who is Trump: So I think something really happened. (END VIDEO CLIP)
We will be facts.
Check out Trump's description of what happened in a moment.
But this afternoon, Clinton called him aside because he blacked out a private citizen who happened to be the leader of a troubled community. (
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Clinton: She's nervous, he said.
Not only is this an insult, but it is totally wrong.
Pastor Faith Green Timmons was not nervous, and she was a stone in the community during difficult times.
She should get better than this and Flint should get better.
The same is true of the United States. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Tony Schwartz, Gerani Cobb, Ed Pilkington and Maria sinonosa are still with me.
Tony, you know, you're pretty obvious-your body reacts when you hear Donald Trump pursue this priest.
This ticking voice that can't accept any criticism, chasing people like priests and explaining, what the hell is going on with Donald Trump?
Schwartz: it is absolutely intolerable to criticism, because once he has accepted it, he will feel-as I have just suggested-inadequate.
It is intolerable for him to feel inadequate.
You know, it's very interesting to watch the interviews and other Flint experiences and the TV shows he's doing with other religious figures in Detroit because they-you know, for me, there are four or five reasons why Donald Trump is not qualified as president.
These experiences prove three of the most important factors.
One is that the level of ignorance is very high.
How do we deal with Flint in this case, how do we deal with Africa-
The problems of the American community, and the stereotypes about them, describe this community as poverty and despair, you know, it's a problem not to recognize the diversity of this community.
The second is that he is a divider, and I will use the word racism.
It applies not only to Africa-
Americans, it applies to many groups.
The third is the quality of the Messiah, let him think that I will solve this problem, and my way to solve this problem is to bring you work. REID: Yes.
Schwarz: It's like this is just something you do with your fingers.
So, you know, I think he's a real, current idea of threatening to be elected.
But his thoughts are terrible and hard for me to understand.
You know, and Gerani, I think I'm going to add another thing I 've noticed to Trump's series of things-I 've noticed this here, I also noticed this passive and aggressive combination right at the Mexican president.
So he is very active, especially when it comes to the color community, talking about the color community.
If he stands in front of a white audience, he can throw a bomb.
Reid: how bad your community is.
But in front of that priest, when she actually-HINOJOSA: Mm-hmm. COBB: Mm-
Well, that's right.
Reid:-personally, for him-on-
First, he retreated at once.
Cobb: did he say what he was criticized in front of anyone, and he actually responded?
I think maybe he did that in the Republican debate.
But those people are afraid of him.
This is one of the things that deserves attention in this campaign.
I mean, he talked about the wife of Jeb Bush, who barely responded.
These people act as if they were afraid of him.
But for those who are not afraid of him, he is like Mike Tyson, his close friend.
You know, Tyson never played a boxer who wasn't afraid of him. REID: Right.
Cobb: So-Reid: Yes.
Cobb: Donald Trump is also in this category.
This is a typical bullying mentality.
Reid: By the way, it's not for his friends or for him-Cobb: Yes.
Reed:-I 'd like to see RNC.
Well, we have to turn to another interesting and strange thing that happened in the Trump world today.
So Donald Trump's agent has been going out and insisting that he now believes that President Obama was born in the United States and that he is no longer a mother.
However, despite Rudy Giuliani and others trying to express his campaign manager, the candidate himself will not say Barack Obama was born in the United States. S.
That's what he said in an interview with The Washington Post.
"I will answer this question at the right time.
I just don't want to answer this question yet.
What's going on, Ed?
Pilkington: Well, is it because he can't admit the mistakes of the past?
Is it true that he still thinks Obama is not an American and that his birth certificate is fake?
I mean, who knows what's in his head.
Reid: But given the history here and what we just talked about, I wonder if he will say that in front of President Obama.
Because he said it from 2011.
I don't think he will.
I think his reaction was like, oh, I'll allow you to interrupt me when the priest came over and moved him.
So he was playing this, you know, passive, but then came out and I don't think he would.
I don't think he will.
But I think more importantly, we have an explanation of what Donald Trump said happened in Detroit, we have journalists, political journalists, who are based on facts, this did not happen.
So the reality, the facts and the explanation of Donald Trump (INAUDIBLE).
Reid: when he was at Fox, he said with great confidence, as if there was no video, and no one could refute it.
But can I add a little bit here? REID: Sure.
Cobb: we can understand why people like Putin see this and are eager for Donald Trump to be president.
Putin Reid, the classic of the international strongman: Yes.
Cobb:-to those who do not have the courage or will to stand up for themselves when he is challenged. REID: Yes.
Cobb: I mean, he must be licking his ass, thinking it was his chance to be Yeltsin in the United States.
Reid: It seems that the person who is manipulated needs only flattery. COBB: Right.
Only need to flattery.
This is a daunting process.
Well, if you guys can join me, group, we'll have more to discuss.
I would like to remind you again that we are waiting for Hillary Clinton, who will attend the annual awards party at the Hispanic Caucus Institute in Congress.
We will bring it to you, but we will take a sneak break.
We will be back soon. (
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Reid: in Ohio this weekend, Hillary Clinton will get some help from her former rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Sanders was sent out for a millennial voting event on the university campus in Buckeye.
Earlier today, our own Chris Hayes had the opportunity to speak to the senator, who asked about his experience on the road. (
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Chris Hayes, MSNBC host: Do you find the campaign physically tough and do you find it laborious? SEN.
Bernie Sanders (I), VT.
Very honest with you, Yes and No.
Look, when you hold three rallies a day and get on a plane and travel around, you go to a new hotel, which is hard.
But personally, I was inspired.
When I go out, you are with 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 beautiful women, often young people, who are full of hope in their eyes. they know and want to make this country more important than us, it's like, you know, a real rush for me.
You know, you see those kids, you love those kids, it's mutual.
This is a good thing, a good thing.
You go ahead with the next rally and it happens again.
That's why I'm stuck with it.
Hayes: you'll be on track before the election-will you be on the road a lot for the next period of time?
Sanders: The Senate is coming out next week.
I'm going to take a few days off, and then I'm going to run for it --time.
I don't want Donald Trump to be president of the United States.
I say this because I have seven beautiful grandchildren and four children.
I don't want Trump to be their president. (END VIDEO CLIP)REID: Wow.
You can get a full overview of Chris Hayes's interview with Bernie Sanders here tomorrow evening at 8: 00 pm.
However, there is still some time before Hillary Clinton speaks at the Hispanic Caucus Institute in Congress. Stay tuned. (
Business break)(
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Trump: I'm not in trouble.
I'll tell you what really makes me feel good, and the audience says let him say, let him say.
I tell you the audience is amazing, but she is so nervous that she is like a tight mess. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: that's what Donald Trump described yesterday in Flint, Michigan, and we 've been discussing this moment.
When Pastor Faith Green Timmons interrupted Trump's attack on Hillary Clinton.
Pastor Timmons told Trump that he was not invited to attend the church to give a political speech.
But Timmons is not a nervous mess Trump claims, and the audience is not shouting and letting him talk.
In fact, the audience is questioning Trump, and Timmons actually asks them to stop. (
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Trump: Flint's pain is the result of so many different failures that I have to say-no, I will never, never.
To be frank, as you know, Time magazine reported this year that the federal government still has a long way to go to bring Flint back.
I look at the damage and damage caused-the damage can be dealt.
Pastor, Faith Green Timmons: you are guests of my church and you will respect him. That`s right.
Woman: ladies.
Thank you, Pastor. (END VIDEO CLIP)REID: OK.
That was yesterday.
We now also have videos from Trump and another Michigan pastor who recorded interviews while visiting the Detroit church two weeks ago.
Here's what he said to Bishop Wayne Jackson. (
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Trump: I'm the least racist person you 've ever seen, you can talk to Don King, who knows me very well, and you can talk to so many different people.
They say many of my black friends, they say you are the least racist.
But I know I'm the least racist person you 've ever seen.
I can tell you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: that's all right.
Tony Schwartz, Gerani Cobb, Ed Pilkington and Maria sinonosa came back with me.
Okay, I have to throw this on the table.
Interestingly, Tony-maybe I'll let you know about the problem first, because of this projection problem, none of the priests feel nervous in their pulpit.
This is her church.
She is not nervous.
But when Donald Trump stood there facing the crowd, he seemed to be visibly nervous.
They said, why do you discriminate against housing?
They're questioning him.
He's the one who looks nervous.
Schwartz: You see, Donald Trump spent almost his entire life from the penthouse to the limo to the private jet.
It was his only visit to Flint and he actually spoke for five minutes.
Let's not miss this.
He said for five minutes that he might be happier to leave there than anything in his life.
So, yes, he is in a state of extreme discomfort when he is in a community that is completely new to him.
Reid: It's funny Maria, because it's when he's really facing a woman.
Because he is facing a debate with Hillary Clinton, this is actually a matter of explanation.
You saw him in that space with the pastor of this church, who was a woman who, on the one hand, saved him from the crowd, and on the other, also on the stage against him.
What do you get from his body language?
Did he seem uncomfortable in that space?
HINOJOSA: You know, I was actually-in fact, I used to be at an event with Donald Trump, and it was actually a Broadway show, Def Poetry Jam.
He left halfway.
But his body language, when I watch him interact, he is not a person who likes to be close to others.
So I think you did see him, you know, trying to control it.
But, you know, imagine if he did that in front of a Latino audience. Imagine that.
I just-although we did see him in Mexico . . . . . . Reid: We didn't see him crossing the crowd.
He was brought into that space.
You 've never seen him interact with the crowd outside the church . . . . . . HINOJOSA: he doesn't like-we know that and I would say that when I saw him-he doesn't like to shake hands.
He left a small pile of wipes.
Reid: He's a man who hates bacteria.
He is a man who hates bacteria.
But you know, when people interact, they see this and it conveys your message that you have a problem and I have to wash my hands after talking to you.
Reid: It's interesting because I do feel that people like people of color are the ultimate pillars of Donald Trump's campaign.
They are the kind of thing that excites him and makes him excited about talking.
The wall will be built in Mexico.
Your community is terrible, what will you lose?
He's a Twitter fighter. COBB: …right.
Reid: That's right, but he's definitely going to show a discomfort, but "B" then he made up a story about what happened and apparently it didn't happen and you can prove it didn't happen.
I mean, I think it's weird.
One of them-like a quick view, he actually used some of my best friends to be black defensive and then doubled with Don King, one of them, I think, if there is nothing else, it will get the original score.
I have never seen such a defense.
But the other thing about the way he interacts with people of color and the way people become props is that this is a white reactionary id color with id 1980 is, like the threats around, because of all these people of color, the city will go to hell.
He just pushed this to the politics and policies of the country.
This is the one we have to deal.
Reid: You know, we're going to have a break, but I have to ask Ed this question, you 've been interviewing people, all of you have.
Have you ever heard someone say to them in a conversation with a friend, for sure, that you are the least racist person I know, because it's weird.
Does this mean that you know more racist people, but you are less racist than they are?
I have never heard of this phrase.
Pilkington: Yes, I think it's quite a deep psychological difficulty exposed to him.
But can I turn things around quickly? REID: Sure.
Pilkington: You know, we can't ignore the fact that this is someone who is talking to millions of Americans who are responding to him.
It would be a huge mistake to just immerse yourself in what a strange candidate he is and forget that it works to some extent. REID: Yes.
Pilkington: people are responding to him.
He did have contact.
It's a person who can't touch anyone, but he's actually responded by millions of Americans.
What happened?
This tells Hillary Clinton what she needs to do before November? Reid: Great.
Joy: I have one thing, Joey.
I think he-in fact, the real thing about him is lying.
He is an honest liar.
You can expect him to lie under any circumstances.
So when you ask what happened after that and re-explain it, you can bet that he will tell you the opposite of what actually happened and that's why he was accepted.
This is-it takes a whole new level of authenticity.
HINOJOSA: because if he is the least racist person in the United States . . . . . .
HINOJOSA: So what does a real racist look like in his opinion? REID: Yeah.
This is very terrible.
Very, very terrible.
Reid: in Ed's view, we can't ignore the fact that millions of people have responded to it.
We need a break.
It's only a few minutes from Hillary Clinton.
She will perform in Washington. C.
After the break, we will bring you this Talk Live. (
Business break)
Well, here are Tony Schwartz, Gerani Cobb, Ed Pilkington and Maria sinonoosa.
During the break, Jelani, you made a point and I really hope you have the opportunity to express that.
Cobb: Yes, the Trump campaign has one more harmful thing for outreach to Africa
Americans believe that there are people who are trying to get black people to join his kind of xenophobia against Latinos.
He made it clear that when he said people took jobs from people, he took jobs from Africa --
Americans who really need them, etc.
So in his faith, trying to turn something negative into a positive political asset, I think it is in conflict with many Africans --
Americans think that if you hate Muslims in the morning and Latinos in the afternoon, you will definitely hate us in the evening. REID: Yeah.
Cobb: So I think there is such a motivation.
But that's exactly why I think he's trying to use this kind of xenophobia appeal in Africa --Americans.
Reid: and Africa.
In addition to Mormons, Americans are the very opposite of Donald Trump.
Maria, to a certain extent, Latinos are also trying to join in, and it can also be said that we are going to separate legal immigrants, people who come to this country through the normal system and people who do not have certificates trying to separate them, create the same motivation.
HINOJOSA: good immigrants and bad immigrants, that's why when Obama says, let's talk about the fact that everyone is brought here or come to this country unless you are Native Americans
So, again, try to change what Donald Trump has posted.
Reid: Let's talk about Hillary Clinton because she's back on track for the campaign.
I think the news cycle is concerned that she has pneumonia and then uses it to further state that she is dishonest because she did not tell the media about her illness.
This has apparently had an impact on her poll numbers.
You see the competition getting more intense and that's what you should expect when you have this kind of news cycle.
Is Hillary Clinton in such a situation right now, and her only option is to engage with the media, keep reaching out to the media, keep trying to talk on the record about the news cycle project she wants?
Pilkington: I don't think so.
I think the problem she's had so far is that it's part of her inclination and she always has to know everything.
She has all the numbers.
She must know every fact, and she must bomb people with these.
She needs to draw a page from Trump's book, that is, keep it simple, engage with people, and be sincere.
I think she will be fine if she can do it in the next six weeks.
Can I say, Joey, she looks amazing.
Rest for three days due to pneumonia.
I think, thank you, Hillary Clinton, you 've just raised the standard for other American women who have been working and they always promise to do anything, now-because I said you need to leave her alone for seven days to recover from pneumonia.
Like she did here.
So, I'm glad she looks so beautiful because it leads us to believe that, you know, recovering from pneumonia is something you can do, but it raises the standards of the rest of us.
Reid: I was surprised that the campaign didn't take advantage of her more.
Say, you see, this is a woman who worked 11 hours in front of a hostile Republican Committee and now looks at her coming back three days later.
They don't really use it effectively, do they?
No, they don't.
But I think the other thing-the other part of the narrative where people say they are a bit self --
She joined Clinton's campaign in earnest and said she was not transparent about her health. But the Trump campaign is almost allowed to prove itself with these conspiracy theories about her health, and they are not really tested.
Part of the reason they may therefore be reluctant to disclose this information is that it is not an accountability of the other party.
The media must also be involved.
Reid: It's absolutely right, not to mention that we haven't released our taxes.
No, we don't explain the Trump Foundation.
No, we are not going to explain our business relationship.
We just don't, no, it works. SCHWARTZ: Yeah.
You know, what's fantastic about the whole health situation around and around is that Trump we're not quite sure if Trump is about 40 pounds overweight or 70 pounds overweight, but both are obese.
Look, there are a lot of reasons for people's weight gain, but what's so interesting about Trump is that he's an athlete and he's . . . . . . Reid: except for the bones that keep him away from Vietnam. SCHWARTZ: Yes. That`s right. He was (inaudible)not.
But this is someone who tells you what a great athlete he is and for me his weight gained and his lack of exercise is the measure of his discipline and self
Very low discipline. REID: Yeah.
I mean, his diet seems to consist mainly of fried foods, not to mention.
I want you to know what you're looking.
We're waiting for Hillary Clinton.
We're looking at a rope, and what you just saw on the stage was Linda Sanchez who introduced Hillary Clinton.
What can she do-that's Linda Sanchez, who is talking about Hillary Clinton.
We're waiting for Hillary to arrive.
What do you think Hillary Clinton can do for herself tonight, Maria?
She has a lot to accomplish.
As I said before at the top of the show, now the Latino community needs to be highly exposed.
So it's important that she is there.
I think she introduced it.
I think she just introduced her.
Go ahead.
HINOJOSA: Once again, she has to be honest, right.
We want her to have this love for Latins and Latins. REID: Yeah.
HINOJOSA: But I tell you that they need to energize Latinos-young Latinos-whatever they do, whether it's Hillary herself or an agent, they need to flood the area
Because again, there is a real desire to feel visible.
At the heart of the attack was Latin Americans. REID: Yeah.
However . . . . . . Reid: they need to feel certain.
I have to see some positive campaign. There she is.
She's on stage.
Let's listen.
Clinton: It's great to be able to get back here with so many friends and see so many young people here, because it's suitable for this year's theme, education, participation, voting.
For the next 54 days, I can't think of a better parade order, and anyone who has just heard it, members of Congress, knows that we can't stand.
This is the most important election of our lives.
I would like to thank the Institute for everything you have done to inspire the next generation of Latino leaders. (APPLAUSE)
Last year, I had the opportunity to spend time with some CHCI interns and fellows.
Just like seeing the future of America in a room.
I can't wait to see all the achievements they 've made, and if I'm lucky enough to be President, I can't wait to get some of them to work. (APPLAUSE)
I would like to thank all the friends of the Hispanic Caucus in Congress.
You fight every day to promote the Latino community.
When the camera rolls, when the camera is off, at home in your area and in Washington.
No one knows more about the critical moment we are at than you.
Not only for Latinos, but also for our country.
My friends in the caucus went to every battlefield state.
Registered voters, no matter what kind of quirky and offensive comments we hear from my opponent and his supporters, you stay focused.
By the way, I personally think the taco truck in every corner sounds really delicious. (APPLAUSE)
Now, this is a confession.
Running for president has never been easy.
But shouldn't that be right?
But tonight, after President Obama, I face the ultimate challenge.
He is always hard to do in many ways.
First of all, I don't think the president deserves the honor of saving our economy from another Great Depression. (APPLAUSE)
Think about what we have achieved over the past eight years.
S. businesses have created 15 million new jobs since the recession.
Health insurance is available to 20 million of Americans.
Under the Affordable Health Care Act, no one sees a bigger drop in uninsured rates than Latino Americans. (APPLAUSE)
We got more good news this week.
A report shows that poverty is falling and incomes of American families are increasing.
The number of Latino families grew the most.
Now, that doesn't mean we have to be self-disciplined in any way.
Our work is far from complete.
But I am more confident than ever, and our best days are still ahead.
I believe with all my heart that the American dream exists and it is big enough that everyone can share its promise. (APPLAUSE)
That doesn't mean a lot of people are still not hurt because I know they are hurt.
When you hear the paranoia and hatred of a presidential candidate, you can easily get frustrated.
But we are here because we know that this election is not only a choice between two people, but also a very different view of the future of the United States.
Either we want our economy to serve everyone or only those at the top.
We are either afraid of our differences or embrace and celebrate our diversity.
Either we will make Americans stand in opposition and deepen our differences, or we will become stronger together. Today…(APPLAUSE)
Today, as you know, we are in the traditional month of Hispanic descent.
In classrooms across the United States, children will learn Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Julian and Joaquin Castro, Judge Sotomayor, Roberto ·(APPLAUSE)
Names we know and names we may not know, but everyone has enriched this country for generations.
Your Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Latin American, African
Latino, whether your family has just arrived or has been here before the American presence . . . . . . (APPLAUSE)
You are not a stranger, you are not an intruder.
You are a neighbor, a colleague, a friend, a family member.
You make our country stronger, smarter and more creative, and I want you to know that I see you and I am with you as well.
Again and again . . . . . . (APPLAUSE)
. . . . . . We see, again and again, when we invest in the community, when we make it possible for Latinos to have access to the health care you need, to receive the education you want, to compete for work, start a new career, pursue your dreams, and all American interests.
As I said in North Carolina this afternoon, we are in the final stages of this election.
I intend to end my campaign in the way I start my career and fight for children and families.
This is the cause of my life and the passion of my presidency. (APPLAUSE)
So, tonight I would like to mention that in the first 100 days of my administration, I will do two things to help families in every corner of the United States.
First of all, we do need to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.
When Latinos account for 17% of our population, but only 2% of its wealth, there is a problem.
We must work together to get more Latinos to a good job with a high salary.
There are more opportunities to acquire the skills they need, go to college, start a new business, and accumulate wealth that can be passed on to your children and grandchildren.
So in my first 100 days, we will be the biggest investment in new high-paying jobs since World War II.
Jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, innovation, clean energy.
We will cut red tape and taxes and expand access to capital for small businesses, including Latino small businesses that create so many jobs and grow in communities around the world.
I want to say a word to the small business owners in Latin. (APPLAUSE)
Not everyone knows, but you are one of the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs in America. (APPLAUSE)
We will put families first with new solutions that reflect the way people live and work today.
Families that support paid home leave, paid sick leave and affordable childcare are not luxury but necessities.
When families are strong, America is strong.
This reminds me of another important family problem.
In the first 100 days, I will submit a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform to Congress. (APPLAUSE)
My proposal will bring the family together and will include access to citizenship. (APPLAUSE)
Now, I know it's not the first time you 've heard it, in fact, people have been making the same commitment for more than a decade.
But I believe with all my heart that something is too important to give up.
I have been called a lot of things and I have never been called a liberator.
In this election-in this election, we have an opportunity to show that comprehensive immigration reform is not only a sensible approach, but also a requirement of the American people.
Do you know what we're going to do?
I hope to hold a Democratic Congress in next January. (APPLAUSE)
But in any case, on my first day in office, I would reach out to the Republicans and say, this is your chance to help millions of families and show them your party, lincoln's party is better than Donald Trump. (APPLAUSE)
When we fight for comprehensive immigration reform, we bring families together.
When the Supreme Court put DAPA and the expanded DACA on hold for 5 million migrants, this is devastating for millions of families.
However, the court did not actually rule on the substance of the case.
As I have said over and over again, I believe that DAPA and the expanded DACA are entirely within the president's remit.
I will protect them and keep fighting for them.
But we can do more than defend DAPA and DACA.
We need a simple and clear system.
If others with compassionate cases are able to contribute to their community and are eligible to postpone action.
Like those who have experienced and reported extreme labor abuse, we will not stop it.
We will put an end to family detention, close private detention facilities, and stop raids and round-ups.
This is Hillary Clinton's speech at the annual Congress of the Hispanic Caucus Institute. I`m Joy Reid.
Chris Hayes will be back tomorrow.
Rachel Mado continues to report.
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