aid workers recount libyan coastguard attacks on refugee rescue boats as british government continues support - partition wall cost

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-14
aid workers recount libyan coastguard attacks on refugee rescue boats as british government continues support  -  partition wall cost
On August 17, the largest humanitarian aid ship in the Mediterranean patrolled the calm sea, and sailors found a ship coming from the Libyan coast.
It came too fast to be one of thousands of vulnerable boats migrants trying to cross Europe, and did not respond to contact.
Staff of Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
The ship launched their "red code" protocol, covering in the chaos of Bourbon Argos.
Aid workers are used to giving false alarms to local fishermen, who start to relax, have a cup of coffee and have cookies until they can go back to work.
But the shooting started.
Benjamin Hargreaves, England deck manager at Bourbon Argos, described how the crew of the charter ship ran down the bridge and shouted, "Shoot! Shooting! ”.
When unidentified gunmen boarded the ship, the staff fled to a heavily guarded room under the deck.
Some people sit down and write to their families, fearing that the information may be the last time they have written.
"We don't know who they are, why they are here, what they will do," Mr. Hargreaves said, telling the "trauma" two hours before the employee got everything"
Venture out of their hiding place.
They found Bourbon Argos full of bullet holes.
One of them went through the glass windows on the bridge, only a few inches from where a security officer had been observing the approaching vessel with binoculars.
The other goes through the back of the boat, through the men's toilet door, the mirror above the female sink and the other partition wall, and then into the hospital on board.
On November, the independent examined the evidence of bullets passing through the vessel-a series of holes filled during emergency repairs.
There were no refugees on board at that time, and the Bourbon Argos was basically empty and no one was injured.
These armed men left without taking anything from the ship, sparking keen speculation about whether they came from one of the many armed groups fighting in the ongoing Libyan civil war, even Isis, control part of the country's coast.
But it is revealed that they are from the Libyan coast guard-a so-called British ally in the European Union during the current refugee crisis-claiming that staff mistook Doctors Without Borders as a group of oil smugglers.
The attack on Bourbon Argos was one of several serious incidents involving the unit, which was accused of shooting, beating and torture refugees trying to reach European security.
A charity confiscated a rescue ship and detained German volunteers on board, while another group is filing legal proceedings against the Libyan coast guard, which allegedly resulted in the death of up to 25 migrants.
Reuben newgbauer from the ocean
Watch says German charities are trying to take legal action on the October 21 incident.
He told The Independent that the Libyan coast guard had interrupted the ongoing rescue operation and cut off the charity's ships that distributed life jackets to about 150 people on board.
"One of them boarded the refugee ship and he hit them with objects that we could not define," Mr Neugebauer said . ".
In the ensuing panic, as many as 25 refugees were believed to have drowned in the sea. Sea-
The watch can only rescue four unconscious people from the water, and the upset staff rescued four bodies.
"We have a feeling that it is an attempt to push the ship back because they have no other reason to interfere with our rescue," Mr Neugebauer said . ".
"I believe no one will die if we can continue to distribute life jackets.
A representative of the Libyan navy said on local television
The watch ship was not "attacked" but acknowledged an incident that claimed the ship was in Libyan waters-a charge denied by the charity.
It is well known that the Libyan Coast Guard forcibly repatriated thousands of migrants trying to escape the country's landing, and asylum seekers described them as being beaten and tortured in detention centres held in terrible conditions.
A report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights found that immigrants were "in danger, in life --
The Libyan coast guard threatened to intercept ". A 17-year-
The old Guinea boy told the United Nations that when his boat was intercepted during the march, the Coast Guard "randomly opened fire on immigrants", killing at least three people and injuring many others.
A 14-year-old girl claimed that the Crown had killed a man believed to have driven a small boat she was driving and after other passengers were taken to land
This terrible story is not isolated.
Abdul Rahman, 23-year-
An old man named Eritrean told Amnesty International that he was one of the asylum seekers who had been beaten by water pipes and sticks.
"Then they shot a man on the foot-he was the last person to come down from the ship, so they asked him where the driver was," he added . ".
"When he said he didn't know, they said, 'This means you're a driver, 'and then they shot him.
The United Nations mission in Libya also said that the reports they received showed that some members of the Coast Guard "worked with armed groups, smugglers and smugglers to make money from immigrants ", and the engine for the sale of seized immigrant ships.
It urged the United Kingdom and other countries to train the Libyan coast guard to ensure that its "human rights content is comprehensive" and to protect migrants.
Amnesty International has warned that expanding EU cooperation with Libya could "fuel rampant disease"
Dealing with "and violations of international law.
"If an immigration cooperation arrangement directly or indirectly leads to such shocking human rights violations, Europe should not even consider cooperation arrangements with migrants in Libya," Magdalena Mughrabi said ,", interim deputy director for Middle East and North Africa affairs of the group.
"The EU has repeatedly made it clear that it is willing to stop refugees and migrants from coming to the continent at almost any cost and that human rights are back in line," she said . ".
A spokesman for the EU told The Independent that the EU supported the "legitimate Libyan authorities" to develop maritime capabilities but did not directly participate in the operation of the Coast Guard.
"The EU is aware of the alleged incident," she added . ".
"The EU's programme to provide capacity to the Libyan coast guard places special emphasis on humanitarian and migration issues as well as on women's rights.
When asked under what circumstances support will stop, she said the EU was making sure to "keep the right standards" but did not provide details.
A spokesman for the Libyan Navy claimed that the Bourbon Argos had been mistaken for an oil-smuggling ship with several red and white flags of Doctors Without Borders.
"The guards shot them in the air to warn them, but because our ship was small and wobbled due to the huge waves, their ship could have been hit," he said . ".
"I confirm that it is not directed directly.
"The Ministry of Defense is aware of the reported attacks, but it is understood that it did not lead the investigation into alleged abuse in the course of continuing its training program.
A representative of the Libyan national government did not respond to requests for comment from independents.
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