after 13 years of hold-ups and incompetence, the eu's 'berlaymonster' rises like a phoenix - meeting room partition walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-24
after 13 years of hold-ups and incompetence, the eu\'s \'berlaymonster\' rises like a phoenix  -  meeting room partition walls
The entrance hall looks like the interior of Stansted airport, and the most unique meeting room on Starship Enterprise doesn't seem out of place.
The entrance hall looks like the interior of Stansted airport, and the most unique meeting room on Starship Enterprise doesn't seem out of place.
After 13 years of withdrawal from the asbestos scare, the European Commission headquarters completed a futuristic transformation almost before its opening in November.
The Berlaymont building has been burned from top to bottom and will be unrecognizable for former occupants such as former President Jacques Delor.
Only starfish-
Since demolition threatens the nearby subway system, the styling has been retained.
Walkway, space-
Age lighting and high
Technology equipment, the phoenix rising from the old structure, matches to some extent the nickname "Berlaymonster.
Opened to the press for the first time yesterday, the state-of-the-
Art Architecture is one of the most eco-friendly public buildings in Europe.
Its "outer skin" is made up of Vienna blinds, which shield occupants when the sun shines, keeping the building temperature down.
The energy of the power generation will be used to heat Berlaymont in the winter, generating cold water at night and circulating during the day.
One of the most striking features, eggs
The space capsule-shaped meeting room on the 13 th floor will be occupied by the new president Jose Manuel Barroso.
The members will sit around an oval table. The table is huge and super.
Modern chandelier.
Recently, the blue carpet was laid, the translation room is still being decorated, and the 13 th floor has not been finished.
Construction workers are still assembling Barroso's private restaurant, which features four translation kiosks.
The kitchen is large enough to provide a smaller dining room suite to ensure guests do not eat sandwiches.
Space is allocated according to seniority.
The director general can expect 59-square-
Blue carpet, black leather sofa and familiar EU blue flag with golden stars.
The Commissioner will get a larger office, probably around 75 square meters, although the size can be easily changed by removing the partition wall.
The floor lamp arranged along the long corridor completes the feeling of taking the spaceship.
But for the new British dog
Dear Commissioner, since he-
Like all employees.
Pets will not be allowed in the hotel.
Although the European Commission does not have more officials than many local British authorities, 2,200 to 2,700 of them will live in Berlaymont, which has more than 1,100 cars in its parking lot. Forty-
Two elevators and 12 escalators will deliver passengers near 241,515 square.
The rice surface and the cafeteria can accommodate 900 diners.
The design downstairs gives the impression of space, modern style, 4 m.
The high lights illuminate an area like an empty airport lobby.
Cream is the main decoration
Colored, the floor is paved with gray tiles or with wood and flower pots and will be delivered soon.
The opening of Berlaymont on November will mark the final stage of the story of delay and incompetence.
The building was initially occupied in 1967 and vacated in 1991 due to the discovery of asbestos and was supposed to be renovated by 1997.
The work was taken over by a company whose target date was included in its title: Berlaymont 2000, a bit optimistic.
With the surge in maintenance costs and the increase in delays, construction sites are becoming more and more awkward, a symbol of slow workmanship and the promise to deliver.
However, the government of Belgium, which undertook most of the costs, had to provide the Commission with alternative accommodation.
Last year, under a complex legal agreement signed with the Belgian state and Berlaymont 2000, the Commission agreed to pay 552 euros (£365m)
Through an annuity of more than 27 years.
This includes the commission's purchase price and its contribution to the cost of the renovation.
The commission also received the euro.
Rent of 2 m while it is away.
Officials insist that, despite its large size, Berlaymont will not introduce a new rich class.
Michael Mann, spokesman for the committee, said: "Any statement that it is a luxury palace will be widely accepted.
"However, there is an unusual benefit for the staff.
At the request of Nordic officials, the new Berlaymont building has a small underground sauna.
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