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affordable art is the new reality  -  movable walls
At first glance, a shopping cart filled with oil paintings may look like a work of conceptual art, a device that equates painting with groceries.
In fact, this is the intention of the Artspace Warehouse located on Beverly Avenue, Los Angeles: painting so affordable, you may consider buying.
"The gallery is very non-threatening," said owner Claudia doich, who brought the concept from the gallery in Zurich, Switzerland, to Los Angeles last year.
The Artspace Warehouse is arranged on a movable wall and flipped like a book page in a huge picture book. Neon-
The pink logo guides the customer to the area organized by price, small-
Original works by artists such as Berlin-
The Kati Elms cost only $40.
"I'm sure I sell more because of the price of the Democratic Party," Elm said . ".
The key is: in this new world, advances in digital printing and Internet commerce offer emerging artists the opportunity to reach and build audiences, not through exclusive exhibitions sold at high prices through some works, but sold through low-priced venues.
Priced works can be sold in bulk.
Although there are still records of masterpieces
In the auction, another part of the gallery industry is still wobbling in the recession.
Some dealers recognize that in the current economy, the market exists for consumers who appreciate interesting jobs but cannot appreciate them.
Or not interested at all.
Spend too much.
"People are overwhelmed by the masses --
Cris McCall, an art consultant in Hollywood, said: "With something made, you can find an original painting for $250, which is more than taking a frame into the Crate and Barrel
Based on Tinlark consultation.
New design gallery in West Los AngelesA.
Offers work on paper for less than $500, but people don't even have to look that far. A host of e-
The commercial art website offers a range of options.
Of course, individuals sell their photography and art online, but the scene is also full of group websites such as Socurio.
Websites offering original paintings, sculptures and art spaces.
Com, limited edition print for new and MuseumQuality artist.
"Affordable artwork does not mean any lower quality artwork," Deutsch said . " He added that margins are low, but higher sales help businesses survive.
Jen Bekman, gallery owner in New York City, launched 20x200.
Com, did that math.
Her website's pricing criteria for limited edition offer shoppers some options: the price of a small photo offered in version 200 could be $20 per version.
But the larger version of the same photo, in the collection version of the two photos, may be sold for $2,000.
The site features about 500 works by about 200 young artists, as well as household works such as William Weiman and David Bowie.
It launches a new piece of art or photography every week, and it's addictive to see how shoppers react --whether high-
The exclusive version of the pricing was sold out before the smaller, less mysterious but ultimately more common artwork version.
"The Internet is a great aggregator of attention and participation that can educate people about art and adapt them to collections," said Bekman . ".
Experience is more than just trading.
Buying the "small batch" art satisfies the discerning desire, Bekman said, adding that in some ways art is no different from microbeer.
It also gives consumers the opportunity to be customers: "Whether you are spending $20 or $2,000, you are supporting the practice of an artist, and people feel virtuous about it. She added that her website sales were divided into 50-
With the artists.
"The Artist's benefit from the purchase means a lot to our audience.
McCall said: "In addition, on the way up, it is found that there are some exciting things about a person.
"Artists are so accessible now that you can be a part of their lives and feel that you have a stake in their success," she said.
Bekman said that as evidence of consumer response, her sales have doubled every year since the launch of the website in 2007.
"I like to see it as a portal drug to be a collector," she said . ".
"This is the first time in history that a large audience has been involved in the collection. " Artspace.
Com was launched in April with 110 artists.
Goal: to make the work of the mid-career and Museum
Collected Artists for public access, according to the common
Christopher Vroom, founder of market research, said about 25 million families would spend as much as $500 a year on art.
"These people don't all have access to the top artists that commercial galleries are marketing," Vroom said . ".
He said his art space market allows people to enter the back-office of the world's galleries, working directly with partners from artists and museums and non-profit organizations to create limited edition prints.
Of the 300 items offered on the website, 70 were less than $250.
The site integrates features on popular fashion and home shopping sites such as Gilt And One Kings Lane.
Shoppers register as members and then learn about specials that last a week.
New works such as Chuck Close, Ross Bleckner, and Andres Serrano are regularly added, and currently 15 to 20 pieces are online every week.
Like 20x200, Artspace also offers a smaller version of the print at a higher price.
The site also sells original works of art and has recently staged a pop
Up store in Mondrian Hotel West Hollywood.
"Consumers are becoming more comfortable buying luxury goods online, and our users spend up to $7,000 on a single item," Vroom said . "
Return policy.
However, the popularity of the site is based on the price that is accessible.
"The photo of David Leventhal is in LACMA and it costs as much as $50,000," Vroom said . ".
Levinthal prints on the art space.
He said it could start with $300.
Many sites are proud of their curatorial expertise, but sokurio.
Com runs as a user-
Similar to the generated market for EBay or craft site Etsy.
The artists set the price and process the delivery, and the website charges the transaction fee in the sale.
"This is an open community where any shopper and artist can join," said founder Sasha Koehn . " He launched SoCurio last year.
It has 1,000 artists who set up an online portfolio and are then approved by SoCurio staff or members of the SoCurio community to sell their work.
If the work is "collected" 10 times-
Facebook "like" button version of SoCurio-
"This shows that people are concerned about the work," Koehn said . ".
There are a wide range of works here: painting, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, jewelry.
The browser can filter the results according to the price, size, media and working style.
Like Amazon, SoCurio also recommends making potential purchases based on the member's networkSurfing history.
The price starts at $20 and is already as high as $10,000.
"Our Magic Price goes from $100 to $700," Koehn said . ".
"It could be a new growth platform for artists, so they don't have to spend a lifetime going to the gallery.
"This is an idea that more artists are keeping in mind.
In June, interior and fine arts photographer Millet n Millet launched its own website using Chase's instant storefront plan to sell images of buildings and nature.
Made in version 500 with a starting price of $225, these works are readyto-
Hanging canvas print.
Interior designers and hotels have purchased her work, so she wants to reach a different audience, says Xiaomi.
"I feel the need for someone to strengthen it and bridge the gap between bed baths and museums," she said . ".
"It looks timely and responsible because we are all looking at our own money. " home@latimes.
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