a shape-shifter explores design - moveable walls

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a shape-shifter explores design  -  moveable walls
Michael Jantzen has seen the future and it is flexible.
Wonderful and cunning funny without fear.
A small percentage of Jantzen's strikers
Visual Thinking of architecture-
Most of them are modular, movable or variable. -
Presented in "residence", this is an exhibition to explore the future housing through conceptual models and photos of fantasy.
The show will be released on August.
Great Central Art Center in Santa Ana.
Most of the designs on display include structures made of automatic garage doors, wineries that look like six fermenters, monorail trains
Travel sleep capsule and solar energy
"Power House with automatic cutover attachment," is an interesting speculation.
"I came up with different ideas about how we see our way of life," Jantzen, 53, said recently . ".
"I am not actually an architect, but an artist.
Designers who are interested in architecture and technology, "he said.
"My work is often called functional sculpture.
"Some of Jantzen's more practical works have been fully present elsewhere --
Scale, functional prototype.
Jantzen and his wife, Ellen, live in a traditional apartment in Valencia and they are sometimes in his comfortable, serious, modular M-
Gorman's house.
Small, shaped
The moving structure has movable walls.
The same angle of Jantzen and the convertible "M-
"A futuristic pavilion in the backyard of Tarzana.
But the problem with Jantzen's main dream is more than just a modular form.
"Residential" includes video tapes of the "elements" project envisioned by Jantzen for the future interactive digital media theme park.
Video technology will be used for buildings in the park.
"When sound and images become the space we live in, it's a prediction of the future," he said . ".
A complex model describes a computer workstation in detail, which is itself a kind of live
Computer sound and image systems.
Wired space gives people a sense of ceremony and is a sacred place for the construction of the Internet.
Two bold but whimsical designs use the dream of visual projection as a spatial element of variation.
"Really, the House should be an organism, a consciousness --
"Raising the device itself can be conscious or intelligent, expanding the awareness of the occupants, not just some silly structure sitting there," Jantzen said . ".
"Once you say that the House has to look like a house, you limit the existing methods, techniques and manufacturing.
If you can give up the idea, I think you can create a more advanced housing system. "One eye-
The dazzling residence contains some sarcastic social sting.
The exterior wall of Jantzen's "Malibu video Beach House" is entirely made up of video monitors showing attractive beach scenes.
"This is part of a social review about why only the rich can build houses on the beach," Jantzen said . ".
Of course, the maribu Beach House is going to the extreme, he said. This life's-a-
The beach villa also analyzes the TV media and the concept of reality.
"With the advancement of technology, it is becoming more and more difficult to see TV images and real images," Jantzen said . ".
"But it's also a question, at what point is it real or synthetic?
At some point the technology will be very good and there won't be any lines.
We will use digital information more and more to create the environment and physical components more and more to create the environment.
"Jantzen is an admirer of futurist Buckminster Fuller, who teaches design courses at the School of Design at the Arts Center in Pasadena.
He has developed structural and other design projects for both corporate and private clients.
His works are widely published.
In June, he created the Institute of Human shelter, a non-profit organization, to seek funding for research on alternative small animals
Design, engineering and manufacturing of scale housing.
The institute aims to set up an experimental shelter Park where visitors can spend the night in an innovative environment.
The world will be a very interesting place in the future. -
As long as we don't pollute the earth too much, we don't blow ourselves up . "
"I am optimistic about the future, but I don't want to be indifferent to it.
I like to mix all kinds of things together.
I want to plant a lot of seeds.
Michael Jantzen's "residential" architectural design.
Great Central Art Center, 125 N.
Santa Ana Broadway(714)567-7233. Through Aug. 26. Tuesday-Sunday, 11 a. m. -4 p. m. Free.
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