A sense of serenity - room divider wall

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A sense of serenity  -  room divider wall
When you cross the threshold and enter what Diana Henry and Manny borrod call home, calm down on your shoulders.
This is a soothing space with plenty of natural light;
The soft gray and cream-colored pastel palette makes the room look like one flowing into the other, and the Bleached Hardwood floors extend the length and width of the spacious apartment, with five arches and arched doorways giving personality, enhance the feeling of refuge.
Their 1,864 square bone
Traditional walking apartment: Located in Trafalgar Castle-
The style structure of the southern slope of Mount Royal, which has been an integral part of the city skyline since its completion in 1931.
But it is a contemporary space in every way-full of grace, talent and whimsy.
Henry, partner in Montreal-
BOVI home is a home based company based on a range of home decor and accessories, and she claims to be a "thoughtful, ingenious buyer/designer" with impeccable taste.
She said she wanted the home to reflect peace and gratitude because it was the feeling of that in her life.
However, this is not a place to take yourself too seriously: a 7-
A mythical folk trooper.
Art works from Nova Scotia greet visitors with a salute.
A dog from another Nova Scotia folk artist is by his side.
In the spacious entrance hall, a simple teak table, a small rope cow, is one of several family homes. [
Id = 108]
On the wall above the table, this was found at St mamoberoier ActuelLaurent Blvd.
, Is one of Henry's own works: 40 works are printed out by pictures found on the internet about love, then cut into hearts, stacked a few deep, sewn in the middle, fixed with reusable putty-
Like the adhesive attached to the wall so they can move around.
"I'm just thinking about love," she said of the job . ".
"This life is amazing when you stop and look around.
The second piece, made from a vintage map cut into a butterfly shape, hangs on a wall, on the sofa in the living room, with an orange duplicate image
Golden glitter of koi.
"I always like to make crafts," Henry said . "
Their kids are all grown up-Henry and borrod are both clinical directors of the palliative care department at McGill University Health Center, and I 've been married before, everyone has two children-they want to move from the house to the apartment.
They analyzed the space they actually used in the house and thought about what they wanted for their next home: entertainment space, big kitchen, bood's study/office, A master bedroom and a room with a "right bed" instead of a folding sofa: "I want my guests to be welcomed and pampered, Henry said.
Well, they need three bedrooms, or the equivalent.
The new space, she says, is "edited directly to where we need it ".
"What we end up with is everything we love-and the space we use.
"In terms of furniture, it is edited and spare, and it is also very warm and welcoming-just like its occupants.
Henry read about the apartment in the residential section of the Gazette at the end of 2010 and was attracted by it.
"We came together and we all said, 'We can live here.
Like magic.
"She especially liked the informal Cape Cod/Hampton vibe of bleach flooring.
"My dream country house has a bleached floor . . . . . . When we walked in and had a bleached floor, it was like I won the lottery.
"The previous owners were selling because they bought a larger unit upstairs, and as she said," heavy work has been done ", from renovating the kitchen and bathroom, for example, use high-quality tiles and fixtures to install cabinets and shelves throughout the apartment.
So, the main thing left for Borod and Henry is what they think is a "simple fix ".
"Reconfigure the cabinets in the kitchen and the shelves in the living room.
Kitchen Table replacementPainting.
Previous owners liked the color-for example, the kitchen was bright yellow and the cabinets in the two bathrooms were gems --
Henry thought of a soft palette of warm gray and gray, which is completely different.
"I just know I want it to be gray," she said . ".
"I use gray more and more at work-I love it," she said . ".
"Each room is in a different tone;
It took me a lot of time to choose the color.
"I know I want to have a level of color, for example, the lobby is a little pale than the living room.
I want a difference, but also a sense of flow from one space to the next.
"She chose mainly from the gray Martha Stewart palette with complementary cream tones on the ceiling: Nimbus Cloud on the kitchen walls, Bedford gray on the cabinets and living room walls, and oil lime on the master bedroom. The living-
The room shelves of Behr are mineral.
For borrod, the nuances of the tone cannot be distinguished.
"But I saw all the nuances," Henry said . ".
"Color reflects my mood for me.
For example, the house she lived in after her divorce was "confused in color"-water, lime, raspberry.
"I really need to cheer myself up and breathe life into myself. ”[
Id = 108]
In her first family, where she lived with Borod, she chose soft colors such as light green and blue, and the second choice was mainly cream and clay tones.
In this space, the gray shadow looks more like a peaceful background than anything else, and it reflects.
The person who helped them achieve her vision was David Lanley, who worked in theaters and cinemas and was a resourceful and experienced person --man.
He painted the apartment and did more.
For example, he designed and built a handsome and elegant gate to keep the couple's young golden retriever Grace from running the whole place while she was alone, the preparation method of melamine cabinet was studied;
This is not a simple drawing problem, but the first time it is polished, solidified and triggered.
Great and inviting cuisine-
It's smooth in the kitchen, there's a supermodern-
Looking at the hood on the stove installed by the front owner, Henry chose the small translucent gray tile tailgate and the stunning pale green granite countertops with intricate patterns known as turtlesgreen granite.
One day she browsed over the Ramca tiles on crab Avenue.
, Looking for tiles, when she finds granite across the street (
Les studio in Stone Age).
"The store is closed, but standing at the window, I fell in love with it," she recalls . ".
This reminds her of the petrified trunk, she said, and part of the reason she chose it was because its organic atmosphere warmed the room up. It does.
For the lighting in the room, Henry was inspired by the normal light bulbs she saw in a cool restaurant in New Delhi, India.
"I described it to the electrician and said, 'You will never find them '. ’ But he did.
"Nine simple and beautiful fixtures were hung continuously on the table, then another one-on-one and one-on-one on the island, and a new rectangular sink.
On one side of the island, there are a pair of metal stools with wheels and a thoughtful industrial stool
The atmosphere of the times: another family feeling.
"I know I want something that looks very old," Henry said . ".
Compared to soft gray buildings everywhere, when you get into the kitchen, the short wall on the right is black blackboard paint-Henry said: "I saw it in the magazine-and, she wrote down the shopping list and inspirational quotes on it;
When I visited, the message "Be kind to everyone you meet, this is a hard battle" was written in chalk in an empty gold-plated frame hanging on the wall of the blackboard;
It used to have a portrait of her childhood. The long glass-
The top table as a table has its own history.
Henry bought it a few years ago at an Italian promotion on the bay side: it features a pair of gorgeous bases carved with dolphin patterns and a thick glass top.
This is a restaurant-
The table in the room was put for a while, and then a smaller piece of glass was placed on it as a console.
Now, it becomes a table again, though it has a replacement top of glass: the original slate, rich in edges, with a diagonal edge, which was given away a long time ago.
The new chair is made of mamoberoier Actuel and is woven with a thick linen to make a cushion. “Twenty-
I still like that table five years later, "Henry said.
Their location on that table is one of the couple's favorite places. [
Id = 108]
The apartment has a view of the west and south, with panoramic views of the city from the kitchen, and the room is full of light.
"I always wanted to have a room where I could read the newspaper in the morning without having to turn on the lights," Henry said . ". Now she has it.
The room outside the kitchen, formerly used as a restaurant by the owner, is now the office/study in Borod.
As Henry said, "I ask myself, 'Can we live with people who eat? '
There is no restaurant in the kitchen and the answer is yes ".
'From 4-
The three-level bedroom house, apparently decided: some furniture went to their country house or consignment shop, while others were redecoratedpurposed.
For example, the living room is equipped with a segmented sofa and a console table, which is the family room of their previous home.
A square teak coffee table found in mamoberoier Actuel was added; a simple cream-
The floor of that part of the room was covered with colored felt carpets.
The TV is also in the family room and is now in the living room-unlike the living room of some families, the living room is actually used. “I am an anti-formal-living-
"The Man in the room," said Henry.
Although they are large in the living room in Trafalgar, "I'm a little worried that the SOFA will split the room in two," she said . ".
In Lucia, she found a tall and narrow bookshelf, which she cleverly opened and placed behind the sofa to act as a room partition.
"It makes it look more thoughtful," she said . ".
Four Potteries pitchers, two style pitchers, look like they were made to fit into the four spaces of the partition.
"I know I want to repeat and want them to have some personality-I can't believe it when I open the pitcher's packaging: they look old and full of frost.
That's exactly what I want, "said Henry.
Found another home.
A pair of cream nearby
Colorful easy chairs and footpads have been on the side of the master bedroom of their house, and once the front door of the unit is opened, a large pastel work can be seen on paper.
The artist Martha Townsend wrote in his work that the snake/Swan/Tulip, according to the eye of the Spectator, can depict either or all of these three works.
There is a work on the mantel above the fireplace: Dutch artist Jozef israe ls (1824-1911)
A gift for Henry's grandfather.
She remembers hanging up.
Eat in Grandma and Grandpa's restaurant
There is a way to have it "respect the history of my family," she said ". (
The fireplace in Trafalgar was condemned, so the couple installed an ethanol fireplace;
No chimney is needed. )
Shelves and open cabinets along one wall of Henry's folk art collection room house.
A few years ago, in an antique shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a rocking horse was placed on a small table.
Henry brought her design ideas all over the world.
"I treat the items at home as artwork," she said . ".
This is how the four colored yarn balls she saw as part of the Gracia exhibition found home on the upper shelf.
"I think, 'they are so sculpture, so happy, so simple.
"The couple moved the furniture in their bedroom to the guest room-when she was looking for something to replace the furniture, Henry wasn't quite sure what she wanted.
But when she saw a mirror-like high school dresser and a pair of bedside tables in Lucia, "I know.
"These works have an atmosphere of decorative art, reminiscent of architecture and decoration --
When Trafalgar was built, the artistic style was very popular.
A round mirror from India
The carved frames complement them, the glass finish at the end of the curtain rod and a pair of bedside lamps with a glass base-from the home-reflect their surfacefaces.
The creamy and gray felt carpet, quilting bed covers and tufted headboards echo the peaceful atmosphere of the home.
An elegant period chandelier hung on the ceiling of the bedroom-left behind by the previous owners who used it as their meal --room fixture.
They told the Gazette in 2010 interviews that when the place went public, they moved in and found it in an old box in the locker;
They thought the apartment was probably the original one, so they cleaned it up and fixed it.
It is now in a new space in a room full of old world elegance and seems to close traditional and modern, old and new circles in a very suitable way.
Les Ateliers stone age 836 Querbes Avenue.
, Utlemmon, 514-279-
7033Ma Actuel, 4412 St. Laurent Blvd. , 514-844-6252 Mobilia,
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