a new york pr agency reimagines its office through millennial eyes - living room partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-25
a new york pr agency reimagines its office through millennial eyes  -  living room partition wall
Nike Communications's new office in Manhattan is actually a film for millennials.
But the recent office recovery at the creative communications agency was really inspired by Nancy Meyer's film "intern" starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.
Ironically, the film is about an elderly intern.
Savvy millennial staff.
Nike Communications gave up its original office. and old ways)
Absorb a refreshing millennial culture (
Design, decoration and health)
Newly renovated working space.
The public relations agency uses Homepolish, a subversive interior design company, to transform its narrow compartment units into an open, comfortable, collaborative space, freeing the essence of millennials.
The company embraces the ideals of its hardworking, young employees, their worklife/home-
Life is more intertwined than their roots.
X and Baby Boomers. “Workin' 9-to-
5 "is no longer a" way of life "--
Especially in the age of iphone, laptop, SMS and email.
Nina carminner said: "We need more space to develop, but we also know that, we wasted a lot of space on things that are no longer relevant, such as server rooms and financial record storage, Nike Communications president
"Everyone is working in a very isolated cubicle, which does not promote collaboration.
In addition, there is only one work place for each person --at their desk.
Designer Justin Huxol brandished a magic wand that is usually reserved for Hollywood.
He liberated the staff from the cubicle, maximizing the Broad Street office in the city center to become a 10,500-square-
Walking space mixed with unconventional work areas, flexible furniture and traditional, Intermediate
Modern and contemporary works of the century.
Huxol combines natural elements, including two
Green Smart Wall (
Combine plants, air purifiers and humidifiers)
The smell
All of this demonstrates the physiological benefits of promoting health and reducing stress.
To facilitate cooperation, he added a variety of lounges, corners and lounges with sofas, benches and bar carts.
The office has classic residential furniture such as Saarinen, Mies van de Rohe, prove, Wegner, Eames, Le Corbusier and Adnet.
There's even a kitchen with cork. cushion stools.
"Now, someone can walk around the office and sit in a place that suits his/her needs at any given moment --
Make a private phone call in the lounge, or work more creatively in the kitchen with his/her laptop, sit on the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair facing the window, and even spread on the sofa . "
It sounds like home.
Works of art by Robert Mars and Brendan Murphy spread throughout the space.
Continuous wine wall (
A piece of art itself)
Presents a variety of wine and spirits clients of the Agency (
Solve storage requirements creatively). Large light-
Color palette highlights monochrome white water window (
Black and gray accents)
And chic glass
Wall meeting rooms are transparently separated by advanced technology for customer meetings, presentations, presentations and even events.
"I want to design a space that promotes more collaborative work and create an environment that feels more like a home," Kaminer said . ".
"So we now have a fully open working space with no walls or even partitions.
We were all sitting together, including me.
We had a great kitchen, two living rooms and even a wine library where people gathered to brainstorm and solve creative problems.
Kaminer was inspired by the film styling of Hollywood director Meyers, who said he was "very interested in interior design ".
Meyers has created or directed works for many of the most popular women.
Romantic comedies centered on adults, such as things that must be given, complicated things, holidays, and what women want.
Successful female professionals and stylish interior design are common themes in the compelling storyline of meyers --
Employees of Nike Communications can connect with them or even desire.
Women account for 85% of the company's employees and 90% under the age of 40 (
Between 25 and 30 years of age).
Meyers's complex role may appreciate prestigious clients of Nike communications, including Montblanc, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Moet & Chandon, gray goose and Mackintosh audio, among others.
"As a communications agency, we are storytellers," Kaminer said . ".
"Now we have a space to tell our own story.
It reflects our luxury customer base and the way we treat our work.
We are surrounded by our customer products, from the spiritual brands on the wine and bar carts that we show on the wall, to the Saje essential oil mixture spread throughout the office, we can sit on the fitness ball at the techno Gym instead of the chair.
"At work, you can't relax more millennials than on a health ball.
While we can't imagine Robert De Niro doing so, we are in an era of "Strange things.
Baby boomers can't imagine this. Gen-
Xers can only imagine this.
Millennials live at work.
The ruler of a happier, more comfortable and more efficient new world office.
Why not follow them?
"I want to create a place that inspires them to come to work every day," Kaminer said . ".
"It reflects their style.
They like to work in a well-designed space, taking into account their aesthetic and health needs.
This made them feel appreciated.
This also has a big impact on potential new employees, which is important to attract the best talent.
Yes, especially interns.
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