a floating mansion from the future - sliding wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-20
a floating mansion from the future  -  sliding wall panels
Meet Why, a ship of huge new varieties, take Uberrich, giga-
The yacht world is upside down.
Why, a high concept adventure between a brave, Hermes luxury Paris house and innovative shipbuilder Wally-hence the name of acronymic "why . . . . . . Wally Hermes yacht "-not finished yet, one price, but you may not be able to afford it if you ask how much it will cost to this huge maritime mansion (
However, a blogger estimates the figure will reach $150. 8 million).
Photo credit: Why according to the specifications provided on the super smooth website (
Elegant, muscular, slightly evil exoskeletons 190 feet long, 125 feet wide, total space 37,600 square feet, smooth 11,850 square feet, indoor space is distributed in three levels, very modern.
The husky boat can accommodate 12 guests in 6 luxurious cabins and 20 other crew members.
The three-level sailing event is open to the grassland.
Like the "beach" mentioned in the news material ".
"Sun umbrellas that can be reduced or improved electronically controlled to protect the interior from sunlight or to provide privacy.
Photo credit: Why is the huge minimum floor containing most of the internal entertainment areas including living, dining, music and media rooms.
Sliding panels are used to split or merge spacious rooms into one overflow to 98-
Walk the wide "beach" through the long wall from floor to ceiling, sliding glass panels ".
Luxurious spa facilities include sauna, Turkish bath, massage room, fitness area and lounge.
The center of the lower floor was interrupted by a huge atrium that went up three floors and opened the interior space to the sky.
The floor plan shows a tree planted on the floor of the atrium.
Photo credit: Why is the middle level connected to the lower level via a huge spiral ramp with five spacious suites arranged around the common room/library.
Each suite has a private head portrait with a view of the water through a huge window.
The two guest rooms designed for VIP guests also offer a private lounge, dressing area and access to Titanic Beach.
Photo credit: why the top floor is almost entirely dedicated to the owner's cottage, offering the ultimate in privacy and luxury.
Spacious suite with over 2,100 square feet including one bedroom, living room and office
In the wardrobe and locker room, there is also a luxurious bathroom with a party --sized, walk-
Bigger shower than a Manhattan apartment.
A long, glass wall sliding from floor to ceiling to a private, 82-
A wide "beach" perforated by the atrium space ".
Photo source: the WHYA wide walkway on the port and starboard leads from the tail of the ship to the bow, and a winding swimming pool embraces the outline of the bow and wraps around the helipad.
Although the floating palace has enough fuel for 4 times to cross
Designers aim to be sensitive to the environment.
When closed, the sliding canopy of the thermal photoelectric panel protects and fixes the internal area, which absorbs sunlight when turned on, which is used to power most of the auxiliary systems of the vessel.
Natural convection will help ventilation and cooling of the interior space, but the yacht will be equipped with super
Low air consumption-
Air conditioning system.
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