a comparison of wall fire ratings - partition walls for home

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-20
a comparison of wall fire ratings  -  partition walls for home
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When designing the structure, it is important to consider the fire rating of the wall.
For the structural walls that support or support the structure and the fixed partitions around the stairs and the elevator, the fire rating is particularly important. The term "fire-
Resistance Ratings "refer to the amount of time in which components resist standard fire tests without failure, in hours.
Fire rating of different wall types is managed by local building codes.
Some building codes offer the option for engineering and architects to purchase the labels of fire insurers.
For fire resistance grades, there are usually three fire conditions that are important: High Temperature Structural Damage: The structure must maintain its structural integrity during fire and resist combustion, melting and deformation.
Transmission failure: release hot air during fire.
The trend of hot gas is to rise or stay away from the flame.
The transmission of these gases may cause structural members to fail through holes or cracks.
Water flow failure: enables the structure to withstand the flow of water in the fireman's hose.
This includes the duration of the fire and after the fire.
Good fire rating: concrete block wall without insulation excellent fire rating Wall: best wall material for fire resistance of reinforced concrete wall contains Non
Organic material.
Reinforced concrete, solid bricks, brick blocks, glass bricks and insulation-
Lined concrete block wall materials provide excellent fire protection inside the structure.
All these wall materials are also frequently used by designers as structural load-bearing walls.
In terms of fire prevention, the next layer of wall material includes prefabricated concrete panels, metal sandwich plate walls, correged steel plates on steel frames, concrete blocks without insulation lining, structural clay tiles, metal plate strips, steel plate strips, and gypsum Pearl Rock plaster on both sides solid plaster of Pearl Rock plaster on rivets, and Gypsum blocks with gypsum on both sides.
These materials provide good fire protection.
The reason for the good performance of gypsum building materials in terms of fire grade is its natural chemical properties.
Gypsum is the only natural building material known to release moisture when heated to high temperatures.
The release of this small amount of water delayed the spread of fire in the structure.
In terms of fire resistance, some wall materials are quite poor.
These wall systems are often used in residential and commercial buildings.
To be fair, wall materials with lower fire rating include brick finishes on wooden or steel frames, wooden nails with gypsum drywall panels on both sides, and improvements in all structural materials can be made by using refractory materialsFRMS)
Or spray.
Applicable refractory materials (SFRM).
As mentioned earlier, low
Density gypsum is a popular FRM.
Cement Materials of light filler or special fiber are also used for fire resistance.
These components can be FRM for building structural units, or FRM sprayed on the structure during construction.
Another new method of adding fire resistance to the structural wall is the application of the expanded coating.
When heated to high temperature, the expansion coating expands rapidly to a volume of up to 40 times.
The expansion material is then like a sacrificial insulation barrier that allows the main structural members to survive the fire.
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