a beginner's guide to managing a remodel - living room partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-25
a beginner\'s guide to managing a remodel  -  living room partition wall
Viewing photos and ideas by Houzz browling torbrowling Jennifer Chong may be an interesting part of creating a room of your dreams.
But making your design a reality also requires informed planning and organization.
Project management is an important part of remodeling, and nothing feels better than implementing the plan to create new beauty.
These tips can help you achieve the results you want.
Top ten home decoration does not become a list of writers.
Listing is the key in project management.
This is the only way to properly organize your ideas and prevent any details from being forgotten.
The most important list is the scope of your work, or the specifications, documents.
This is basically a detailed list of everything to do from start to finish.
If you are dealing with a major builder who is working with all the work of an organization, then you need to make sure that he or she gets a copy and, therefore, the goal is clear and all the information is provided.
Also, it will be easier to have detailed specs If you want to get multiple quotes, and you will know that this is a fair comparison as all builders will use the same standard quote.
Make sure you are all on the same page.
If you are coordinating a separate subcontractor (
Plumber, electrician)
Then it is worth pointing out who is responsible for each task.
Give them a full copy of the spec so they all know what everyone is doing.
Discuss the specification with the subcontractor as they may be able to assist and advise.
The schedule is also useful so you can track the progress and everyone knows who will be there --
Which day is the website.
For example, in the case of knowing in advance that the partition wall will have some lighting, the builder will know that before the wire is boarded and plastered, the electrician is required to pass the wire through.
It is much more difficult to try to feed the wires after the fact occurs, it takes longer, and there is an unnecessary risk of damage.
Divided into sections.
In addition to your main spec, it's a good idea to have sublists for each individual element you design.
For example, your main specifications may say "6 x embedded LED downlights are installed on the ceiling", but your lighting specifications will detail their location, type of bulb, hardware completion, etc.
The more information you provide, the more accurate your offer should be, and the less likely an error or misconception will occur.
It will also minimize any unexpected costs.
The bathroom is simple and elegant, but far from simple.
This project requires a builder's specification, including layout with dimensions and standing paper, electrical specifications with lighting planes, pipe specifications with layout drawings, and decoration specificationsphew! Plan like a professional.
Finish your design before you start any work, instead of trying to do it as you move forward.
The process will be more enjoyable without a constant deadline to show yourself, and if you do not have a plan, you may find that your choices are limited by the work that has already occurred.
Take a few weeks to put everything together, write down your specs, draft plans, get everything ready and make all your decisions before moving on.
This will save you time and money and significantly reduce stress levels during your project.
This clever design is characterizedthought-
Lighting and custom cabinets.
The position of the socket, radiator, lamp, switch and other details will be carefully considered.
Create your dream home with the help of professionals.
You know that.
When writing a spec or drawing a plan, don't assume that others will know what you want unless you explicitly state it.
No matter how picky it may seem, include every tiny detail.
In addition to avoiding errors, it also prevents any dispute over content contained and not included in the offer.
For example, this bathroom looks different if white mud is used.
In this case, you might think it's ridiculous to even consider using white grout, but you can't expect it if you don't ask for dark gray, also can't assume someone will ask what color you want.
White is standard, and it can be used by the wave maker if no color is specified.
Stick to the decision.
Along the way, your builder will ask you many questions and decisions.
What tiles do you want to put on the wall?
Where are you going to put these wall lights?
What color do you want to see on the substrate?
Your best choice is to try pre-
Block as many of these decisions as possible, and prepare answers, or provide information better in advance.
Making these decisions under pressure can lead to impulsive moves that you may regret later.
However, spending too much time can delay the project and spend your time, money and the patience of the builder.
No one wants a builder who is unhappy.
Inevitably, there will be some issues that you can't anticipate, but if you communicate well with your contractor, they should, where possible, give you time to make a decision without delaying the project.
Don't be afraid to ask them for advice on the best course of action, but don't feel pressured if you don't want to compromise.
Give yourself time to deliver.
This is a classic trap, so please note.
When you combine your design ideas and decide which products and materials to use, write down the lead time.
Many of the furniture is made to order and can have up to 12 weeks delivery time, sometimes longer.
Similarly, the arrival time of tiles and natural stones may be much longer than expected, and products from abroad may encounter detention during transportation.
This chandelier is customized.
Did it for this project and it looks great.
This is not the last time. minute, off-the-shelf, next-day-delivery job.
It can be a huge shame if you spend hours, days, weeks choosing the perfect product, but when you order it, you'll find it takes a long time. maybe you can't afford it.
You then have to decide whether to keep the work or pick something else based on the fact that the work can be delivered quickly.
Find the perfect lighting for your HouzzFactor project in an emergency plan.
Even if you have the best intentions, there may be problems in your project that you can't predict.
Therefore, it is a good idea to consider 10% of the unexpected expenses for these things within your budget, especially in terms of old buildings.
Who knows what is the condition of the walls behind these cabinets before you tear them off?
Or what might be lurking under the carpet when you pull it up?
In this case it's important to expect the worst and don't let it get you out of your game.
You are a very good project manager and you fully understand this.
Accept the occurrence of these things, find out the choices, and make decisions.
Your contractors will be able to advise on what to do, so use their expertise, trust them and help you find the right solution.
Call the cavalry.
This is certainly a pleasant and rewarding process if you choose to manage your project yourself, but it also requires some type of person.
You must be organized, calm down under pressure, strategic, confident
Not to mention being able to take the time to plan, coordinate and supervise the work.
If you are upset about taking responsibility for yourself, consider hiring a project manager.
Yes, there will be costs, but given that poorly managed projects will cost you time and money, you may not achieve the results you want.
Professionals will take care of everything and know that you are in safe hands and make it easy for you to rest.
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