7 suspects arrested for deadly boarding school fire in malaysia - interior dividing wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-13
7 suspects arrested for deadly boarding school fire in malaysia  -  interior dividing wall
Kuala lumpur, Malaysia--
Malaysian police said Saturday they arrested seven boys suspected of deliberately setting fire to an Islamic boarding school. The school killed 23 people because the students there made fun of them.
Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh said the 11-to 18-year-old boys had been arrested since Friday night, because they were found on CCTV footage of a nearby building near the school the night of the fire. The pre-
Three in the morning Thursday.
Story "tahfiz" school, where Muslim boys learn and memorize the Quran, blocking the only exit of the penthouse dormitory and trapping students behind banned Windows.
Google's cloud service was disrupted, and the missing connadik mother Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris, killing two adults and 21 students aged 6 to 17.
"From our investigation, the motive for the prank was due to the misconceptions of the suspects and some tahfiz students after laughing at each other a few days before the fire, Singh said at a television news conference.
On Saturday, Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh, the center and its staff presented the belongings of detained suspects at a press conference held at Kuala Lumpur police headquarters in Malaysia. 16, 2017.
Singh said six of the seven suspects were tested positive for drugs.
He said two of them had previously been detained, one was charged with theft of vehicles and the other was detained for riots.
It is believed that two cooking gas tanks were taken to the top floor to trigger a fire that spread quickly and it took firefighters an hour to put it out, he said.
The seven students, all of whom are out of school, will be detained by police for a week, Singh said.
The case was classified as fire murder and prank, he said.
Singh said the school was also investigated for violating building safety rules.
Officials say schools operate without fire safety permits and permits, and the top floor illegally built a wall that prevented victims from leaving the second exit.
A fire broke out at a private Islamic boarding school at a cemetery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Friday, with Muslims carrying coffins, mostly young boys. 15, 2017.
Firefighters and witnesses described the horror scene. -
The first boy screamed for help behind the forbidden window, the neighbor looked helplessly, and later, in the corner of the room, the burnt bodies were huddled together.
Officials initially said they suspected the fire was caused by a shortage of electricity.
But it was later said that was not the case.
The charred body was released to the family on Friday after being identified by DNA testing and was buried on the same day.
Hundreds of relatives and Wells.
The bodies of 11 boys were wrapped in white birthday clothes and thrown into the grave at a cemetery outside Kuala Lumpur.
In another cemetery near Kuala Lumpur, two brothers and sisters and their cousin were placed to rest in the same grave while others were taken to their hometown.
The funeral was sponsored and arranged by the state Islamic authorities.
The fire once again called for better regulation of religious schools, mostly privately run and not supervised by the Ministry of Education, as they fall under the jurisdiction of the state's religious authorities.
According to local media reports, there are more than 500 tahfiz schools registered nationwide, but it is believed that more schools are not registered.
According to data from the fire department, there have been 1,083 fires in religious schools in the past two years, of which 211 have been burned.
The worst disaster occurred in 1989, when 27 female students from an Islamic school in the state of Kedah died when the fire burned down schools and 8 wooden guest houses.
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