7 small spaces to call home - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-01
7 small spaces to call home  -  room divider wall with door
Most homeowners live in a city nicknamed Little Red Dot, and they are already dealing with a limited area to create the space they dream.
These seven spaces, however, are even smaller than we used to, but large enough to fulfill our design dreams. 1.
The retractable furniture and visual tips make this small unit not only stylish, but also fully functional. The floor-to-
The ceiling mirror in the living room creates the illusion of space, and when the homeowner finishes the meal, the retractable table on the kitchen island is hidden.
Smooth white cabinets reflect the light coming in from the windows, keeping the light and ventilated.
The dark-textured carpet provides space for the space and provides a visual interest.
Location: Interior designer, ahude Road (): space definition47 sqm)
Renovation fee: $25, 0002.
The high ceilings and stylish storage solutions for this project provide enough space for homeowners to store knick-
Small furnishings with integrated TV console and writing desk.
The walls of the storage room extend to the kitchen and blend the two areas together.
The male dark wood grain is relieved by a lighter wood tone to maintain balance, while the rolling library ladder provides an upward eye-catching focus and maintains a higher storage unit accessible.
Project file location: Emily Park (Emily)74 sqm)
Renovation fee: $70, 0003.
An industrial glass and metal partition divides sleep and living areas in this unit to create privacy while maintaining an open feeling.
The carpet in each space has black and white tones, while the artificial
The brick provides texture on the white wall.
Wrapped in neutral fabric, this modern sofa is raised by slender metal legs, maintaining the freedom of ground space while providing rest space.
Design company: photo Source of 0932 design consultants: David Chan and Dennis Lim
70 square meters exhibition hall)4.
This unit uses industrial accents and smart touch to create a small functional space with a lot of personality.
Military-style storage boxes serve as seats in the dining area, while retro pendants with Edison bulbs provide lighting.
The barn-style sliding door keeps the floor space free but gives the space a sense of drama.
Hotel Location: cold Court (jucourt Court)53 sqm)
Renovation fee: $25, 0005.
Using the characteristic Wall combined with the bedroom wardrobe and TV display, this apartment has a sense of flow.
Smart furniture options like coffee tables with tapered legs take up less visual weight while popular.
The white kitchen is clean and modern, and the ceiling lamps in the school style attract people's attention.
Interior designer: Project file location: Beiyi (56 sqm)
Renovation fee: $30, 0006.
The clever design keeps the apartment functional and beautiful.
The TV between the bedroom and the living room is rocking and the homeowner can watch in two rooms without buying a second TV.
The featured wall design also integrates the door of the bedroom and provides a strong design element that suggests classic wall panels, while the mahogany-tone curtains and floor rugs give a moody male vibe
Design location: NV House (interior design)46 sqm)
Renovation fee: $28, 0007.
Different floors are used to represent the space and functionality of this small apartment.
The kitchen area is highlighted by ordinary tiles with concrete marks on the walls and a sliding barn door reminiscent of an industrial atmosphere. Marble-
Look floors are used on common sidewalks, while wooden strips are used to draw sleeping areas.
Perankan tiles and bead curtains are an interesting side-by-side in the study area.
Hotel Location: Interior designer, Canberra (pro): Prozfile56 sqm)
Renovation fee: $40,000 whether your home is big or small, keep these design inspirations in mind when creating your dream nest.
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