7 creative ways to divide a room without using doors - sliding room dividers

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7 creative ways to divide a room without using doors  -  sliding room dividers
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Com separate any space style with the help of built-in
Partition in room.
The room separation door alternative bridges the gap from room to room without completely closing the space.
Whether you are in a small studio apartment or want to separate the kitchen from the living room at home, without using the door to divide the room, combine the spaciousness of the open floor plan with the design of function and division.
Look at these eight ways to use room dividers instead of doors! 1.
Curved CornersA landingto-
In order to balance public and private life, the partition of the ceiling circular wall room divides the space.
Morosso Construction Company2.
See the transparent glass wall-
Through the partition of the glass room, the room can spread out with each other.
Jennifer Post Design 3
The open ceiling bookshelf separates the two rooms with a shelf partition, leaving space on the top to connect the ceiling for a more open space.
Gelotte Hommas4.
Bar obstacles define the dining room from the kitchen with a built-in
In a bar or on the island.
Construction of Schill 5. Built-
On the bookshelf, there is a fixed passage that can be used as a partition and storage space for the room.
Woodworks6 Salmon Bay.
Subtle kitchen dividers part of the room dividers make the easy transition from cooking to leisure through storage units.
Melton Design build 7
The TV tower with sliding doors is expressed with your room partition by making it the main feature of the room.
A central TV tower with two sliding doors hidden surrounded one area with another.
Will you choose the room partition on the door?
Let us know through the comments below!
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