5 Tips on future-proofing your home - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-16
5 Tips on future-proofing your home  -  building a partition wall
Just as our family life has gone through different stages, our family should also adapt to our changing needs.
Here are some good ways to get us started, which is easier said than done.
According to Clodagh Doyle of professional real estate decoration company placft, "when transforming your house, there is no size suitable for all, it is essential to pay attention to the layout suitable for your personal situation.
Before you consider expanding, take a closer look at your existing footprint in your home and how you can improve the space.
Look at how it is used or not per square meter (
When designing the perfect house, the size is not always the factor to win.
The decision not to extend may be one of the best decisions you make that can save you a lot of money.
Take the time to think about what changes will make the biggest difference.
Browse through each room and think about who uses it, how much time it takes inside, and when.
Consider all family members and their specific requirements and hobbies and don't forget any four-legged friends.
Write down the house you really like and its features and what you really don't like.
Then make a wish list!
There's a young family, an open family.
The layout is ideal, especially directly connected to the garden.
Children can play happily under the eyes of their parents.
Create more space by removing the partition wall, two rooms can be converted into a large open space
Plan the living area.
In the infant and toddler stages, intelligent storage is more important than ever.
It is very important to create additional storage space in your existing footprint, such as storage space under stairs, attic storage space, or garage conversion space.
It is easy for small children to share a bedroom and maybe make a spare bedroom available as a home office or dressing room.
It is also ideal for them to have a designated playroom to accommodate their toys and utensils.
Older children need their own space, and sharing a bedroom may not be an option if personality conflicts and age differences are intertwined. Open-
Planning your life will only work well for teenagers and young people if you have other private spaces to retreat.
Turning the playroom into a teenage comfort or study room where friends can be invited to hang out and watch TV may be the answer.
Or, for this purpose, you can consider remodeling your garage or attic.
Students at secondary and university levels also need to be assigned study areas.
A small bright well.
The ventilation area in the home, but away from the noisy center, is essential.
If you need additional rooms, but the expansion is not an option, you can divide a large room into two small rooms with partition walls, or install a sliding pocket door system if space permits.
In later years, as the children fly to the nest and space is no longer a problem, not everyone wants to leave their home, garden and memories behind and narrow down to apartment life.
If you like your current home, you should be able to adapt to it to meet your future needs.
For example, you can consider expanding the existing bathroom, including a wet bathroom accessibleroom with bath.
Or, taking into account the width of the door and keeping the level of all the areas, converting the room downstairs to an accessible bedroom can work well.
Even your garden can be simply remodeled to ensure less maintenance.
Planting flowers or vegetables is a great choice.
In this way, you can expect to share a manageable space with your family, friends and even grandchildren instead of making your home a burden of maintenance.
Stay realistic about your budget and what you can afford.
It is recommended that you contact the registered professional as early as possible, such as the architect, who should provide you with clarity in all aspects.
It is also worth checking if you are eligible for any family improvement grant.
Once you have considered all the options, give priority to the changes that have the greatest impact on your lifestyle and let you enjoy your home again!
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