5 ideas to steal from a wildly colourful home - room divider partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-04
5 ideas to steal from a wildly colourful home  -  room divider partition
Not many Singaporeans dare to introduce bold colors at home, which explains why most families look the same under their humble white shadows. But this 5-
However, the room HDB is full of prints, patterns and colors printed on each visible surface.
Of course, it's not an acceptable look for everyone, but the family also has some smart design ideas that you can apply in your own home.
Many of us dream of having a big kitchen island, but not all houses are enough to accommodate the island. But this 5-
The room HDB cleverly creates more than one
Enter the island counter for the purpose of living and dining spaces.
Use it as a countertop for the kitchen, a family table, a temporary workspace for the laptop, and a built-in
In the cupboard, store the kitchen tools.
The location of the main entrance of this HDB apartment allows anyone outside the home to look straight into the living room and the rest of the home.
This custom room partition is the perfect screen to provide some privacy.
But the designers have created this open shelf system, which is not only an empty partition, but also serves as a whole for the shoe cabinet, cloakrack, umbrella rack and luggage rack.
This beautiful design concept even has a living space so you don't have to feel uncomfortable when you put on your shoes.
In a typical HDB apartment, the corridor to the bedroom is usually an untouched transitional space;
After all, there's not much you can do on narrow sidewalks.
However, the home makes the most of the space by turning the walls into galleries for family photos.
Wallpaper with photo frame patterns on both sides of the wall encourages homeowners to stick family photos on the wall.
It's a smart idea, especially if you can pretend to be an art museum curator and exchange pictures easily at any time.
In this highly personalized home, there is no shortage of quirky design details that will give you a smile on your face.
In the laundry area (
In the yard, towards the back of the kitchen)
A redesigned transport tray becomes a sign with daily laundry symbols.
The bay windows of many apartments are often seen as a waste of space.
To make the most of them, they are usually converted into seating or storage space.
But in this HDB apartment, the bay window has become a row of plants that grow "indoor gardens.
Artificial bricks are arranged on bay windows to make a planter box and can also be used to store decorative accessories.
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