300 families stranded as song water floods village | dehradun news - times of india - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-26
300 families stranded as song water floods village | dehradun news - times of india  -  temporary wall
Drumtown: 300 households in the village of Raiwala Gauri Maafi, a suburb of drumtown, have been trapped at home for the past five days after the flood of the Song River flooded the area.
The seasonal river, about 40 metres wide, appears heavily after continuous rain in draytown.
Currently, the only way to get to the village is to take the SDRF raft.
One side of Gauri Maafi is Ganga and the other is the Song River.
A road connects it to the area, which has been flooded by song for the past few days.
The situation is terrible.
We have no choice but to evacuate with a raft, but the raft can only ship three people at a time, said Deepak Sajwan, SDRF chief constable, who is leading the 16-
Team of members involved in rescue operations.
Sajwan said more than 150 people have been transferred to safe locations.
There are about 1,200 residents in the village.
Naveen Singh Chauhan, a local resident, said the river had caused serious damage here.
A few days ago, we had to travel 2 km metres in the water carrying a woman who was giving birth.
After we got to the river, she was carried away by SDRF.
The river was also flooded last year, local residents said, but the damage was not widespread.
Two years ago, a wall built to protect villages from flooding collapsed.
The village was also flooded last year, but the loss was great.
But this year, almost all the houses in the village were flooded, half of our crops were destroyed and we had to cross the waist
Resident Mahaveer Prasad said high water is needed to go anywhere.
Sanjay Singh Rana, another resident living near his home, said after his house was flooded that on January we began to protest against the government's request to rebuild the wall.
After 136 days of protests, Speaker Prem Chandra agrawar assured us that the wall would be built.
Speaker's parliamentary constituency, Gauri Maafi falls, Rishikesh.
The district administration has deployed four bulldozers to rebuild the temporary wall along the river, but they are unable to operate due to the large flow of water.
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