£250,000 refit to carlisle's st barnabas church - partition screen

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-12
£250,000 refit to carlisle\'s st barnabas church  -  partition screen
An 80-year-
The old church in Cumbria reopened after a £ 250,000 renovation.
Carlisle's Church of St. Barabas was closed for 16 weeks, during which new glass, wood and steel partitions were installed.
New kitchen and toilet facilities have also been built and the electrical, plumbing and lighting equipment of the building have been replaced.
Pastor Eleanor Hancock said she was "excited" about the project ".
The renovation was paid by donating and selling the church hall.
Hancock MS said: "It is very important that people entering the church are still able to look down on the length of the building until our lovely deep sanctuary.
"The new glass screen still allows this to happen, but it can create different spaces for different users.
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