24 rooms tucked into one - sliding wall

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24 rooms tucked into one  -  sliding wall
Location in Gardner, Virginia, January.
On a recent Saturday morning, 2009 Hong Kong man Zhang Jiarui stood in the middle of his apartment, ignoring a message from the Nintendo Wii on the wall --
Screen size: "Are you fidgeting?
I can't seem to analyze you.
"He repositioned the balance board of the game system, started a second downhill skiing and started moving from one computer to another --
The generated number slides with him across the room in time.
Soon his appetite was ready to move on.
He raised the screen with a remote control, revealing a large yellow --
The colored windows behind it filled the room with light.
"Like the Sun . "
Zhang said that although the bright-colored gray daylight makes the scenery --
An apartment building in Hong Kong's bustling workplace-
West Bay River-
It looks a bit dim like an old dark brown print.
He grabbed a handle near the wall.
TV was installed to pull part of the wall to the center of the room.
Behind it, a small countertop with two burners, a sink and a spice rack appeared.
On the opposite side of the countertop, on the back now --
He put down a hinged table top with a lightweight laminate made of honeycomb aluminum.
Suddenly he stood in the kitchen. This room —
He called it the biggest kitchen"
The "electronic game room" he was sitting in a few minutes ago was just 2 of his at least 24 different layouts
Architect Chang can take his 344square-
The apartment he renovated last year.
It seems to be an open-
Plan studio actually contains many rooms because of sliding wall units, folding
Tables and chairs, as well as habitual movements of residents in a small space. As Mr.
Zhang said, "I taxied around. ”Mr.
Zhang, 46, lives in seventh
Since he was 14 years old, he moved into the apartment with his parents and three sisters;
They rented it from a woman with so much property that she often forgot to collect money.
Like most of 17-370 units
Story buildings dating back to the 1960 s, small spaces are divided into small rooms --
In this case, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway. Mr.
Master bedroom shared by Zhang's parents (
Although when they first moved in, his father lived in the United States, where he worked as a waiter in Chinese restaurants in various cities).
His sisters shared the second bedroom and the third bedroom, which was almost unbelievable.
Although not rare for Hong Kong
Occupied by a tenant, a woman in her 20 s.
Ms. Zhang only remembers the space she occupies. Mr. advertising
Zhang slept on a sofa bed in the hallway.
These days, he used his own hydraulic Murphy bed and hid behind the sofa during the day.
"The old habit of folding beds is mentally similar to what I do today," he said . ".
"But the reasons are different.
Then it's just necessary.
Now, it's all about transformation, flexibility, and maximizing space. ”MR.
In 1988, when his family, along with his grandparents and uncles, moved into a larger apartment a few blocks away, he began an experiment with a flexible life. Mr.
At that time, Chang worked at the construction company P & T Group and lived in a rented room near the University of Hong Kong, where he studied architecture.
His mother advised him to take over the lease of their old apartment, "because the rent was unusually low," he said . ".
Instead, he bought it for about $45,000.
Starting in his teens, he was eager to tear down the walls, when he painted a new design for the family, and then he began to work hard.
Over the past 20 years, with the development of his company's Edge Design Institute, he has made four renovations based on an increasing budget.
His recent efforts have taken a year and cost more than $218,000, which he calls "home Transformers ".
"Given science, it seems appropriate to suggest a toy robot --
Fictional quality of color scheme-
Mainly black and silver, washed under the strange yellow light.
But if the apartment is a play space, it's an adult.
Type up, involving luxury fun: behind a movable wall on the shelf is an extra
Large duvette bathtub.
The glass shower room also has a steam bathroom with color therapy and massage.
The Toto toilet has a heated seat and remote control bidet with sound from six
Home entertainment system speakers.
Move the partition and open the cabinet door to see a bunch of carefully selected items: Alessi cutlery and Arne Jacobsen cutlery; what Mr.
Often called "altar of Muji", including travel bottles and neatly packed paper towels;
Thousands of CDs filled the entire wall. (Mr.
Chang, a tech enthusiast who checks his apartment with a webcam while traveling, refuses to switch to MP3 files because he likes CD boxes and padding. )
The ad says his recent decoration is precisely because space is needed to accommodate the collection.
In 1998, as part of his third renovation, he called it "flexible curtains ".
Chang transformed the apartment into a separate open-plan room, pale in color, with shelves hidden behind the curtains.
But his collection has become too big to be accommodated by shelves, and piles of items have begun to settle in smooth white --painted floor.
In Hong Kong, this is a familiar dilemma, a dilemma to explore in the 2006 exhibition "invisible home" of the city Goethe --
Liang Chi College-
The messy pictures we took in the crowded apartment.
A curator described the situation as "a fundamental aspect of the spirit of the city" and wrote, "there is no longer the ability to enjoy open space, and there is no room to imagine alternative life. ”Mr.
Zhang hopes some of his innovations can be replicated to help improve domestic life in Hong Kong.
The population has grown by nearly half.
In the past 10 years, between 2003 and 2007, reports on new cases of child abuse, spousal abuse and abuse of the elderly have almost doubled, part of the reason is the new social pressure created by the continued lack of space in cities.
"This is a big problem . "Chang said.
"Killing each other is not uncommon.
"People feel trapped," he said . "
"We have to find a way to live together in a very small space. ”In Mr.
Zhang's solution, a kind of person-
The size of the briefcase, everything can be folded so that the space is as vast as the yoga studio.
The wall unit hanging from the rails bolted to the ceiling seems to float an inch above the reflective black granite floor.
The apartment turned into a variety of spaces as they walked around --
Kitchen, library, laundry, dressing room, lounge with hammock, enclosed dining area and wet bar.
We can imagine three or four people living here,
Chang's double bed and guest bed hovering over the bathtub-
Although there are six or seven, the number of residents
When you grow up, it will be another thing.
Limited acoustic privacy. When Mr.
Chang is fun and anyone who wants to use their phone has to do this in the shower (
Also known as "Phone Booth "). Still, Mr.
Zhang is determined to see more of his ideas in the newunit buildings.
He invited many developers to visit and in a book "My apartment 32 m²: 30-
Annual transformation "(
Creation of MCCM, 2008).
He acknowledged that the advertising of the purchase of a new apartment could be a cheaper way to solve his storage problem.
"But why?
He asked as he stood in the kitchen making noodle soup.
"I think my location is an experiment in progress.
"A version of this article appears on the print on page D1 of The New York edition with the title: 24 rooms are hidden in one room.
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