10 space-saving tips and storage tricks you should steal from tiny homes - room divider wall with door

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10 space-saving tips and storage tricks you should steal from tiny homes  -  room divider wall with door
A survey conducted by Trulia shows that more than 43% of Americans want to live in bigger houses.
According to common sense, each of them is willing to do so without paying for a bigger house.
Are you just as wishful thinking? thinking boat?
Then we encourage you to steal these amazing spaces.
Save tips and storage tips from some of the largest small houses we 've seen. 1.
Think outside the box.
See this article as a portal to explore new solutions for the small apartment era --
The old problem of sparse space.
Here is a reminder of the Sun and the wind.
You can sneak into someone else's roof with it and live in--
No rent and electricity.
Credit: Good Vision 86-square-
The foot little home has everything you need to live comfortably in a small space.
There is a kitchenette with two burners and a sink, a folding bed, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet that can accommodate your garbage, a water filtration system, a range of storage rooms, and a counter, apart from the work of getting you off the grid in the first place, you can do anything.
Credit: a good vision.
If anything goes up, stay up late.
Until you decide to take it down.
90 by Mary Helen Rowellsquare-
The foot little home in West Village shows that when figuring out how to increase apartment space with tight budget, sometimes the answer is right in front of you.
Hang some hooks on the wall, from hats, cooking supplies, foldable bistro tables and chairs to headphones, handbags, as you have just saved all the precious floor and counter space and your chin fell to the ground.
Credit: MakeSpaceYou can save more space by hanging the shirt on the front.
Credit: MakeSpace "these are what we call faceouts," said Mary Helen, who showed the photos to Fox News, a hint she got from her fashion work.
"Usually, clothes are picked out from the shoulder.
But as you can see, it takes up 1 feet of the space. Whereas these [faceouts]
Only 8 inch so I saved 4 inch.
"You can also save 4 inch at home. 3. Fold your bed.
Like playing poker and eating pizza, sometimes folding is your best choice.
From Graham Hill's 420-square-
For example, a small home in SoHo.
When Graham did not sleep, he folded the bed to the wall.
The rest is just a shelf and a comfortable sofa with "Netflix and cold" written everywhere ".
Credit: lifeed4.
Let your furniture work overtime.
We are all workawayers, why can't our furniture work as overtime as we do?
Alli Sosna 350-square-
In a small family in East Village, Alli makes up for the shortage of smart space with square feet --saving tips.
She's in an 8-
Into a table of people-person desk.
Credit: Alli Sosna credit: Alli SosnaDon did not stop changing your table, though.
With the help of Bloomframe, transform your window into a gorgeous balcony and clip two snapshots onto a drawer in seconds to make a bedside table/bookcase. Credit: Be-elastic5.
Hide and seek new heights.
Unless you know someone who knows someone, it is difficult to hide the bodies of clothes, shoes, bags and cash.
Designer and entrepreneur Simon Woodward is the one you're looking.
You design 430 people. square-
The little feet are called Yo!
Hide the mini storage unit at home inside the floor. Credit: YO!
LOL, Yo!
Dining table, bench and kitchen are available at home. Credit: YO!
Company Credit: Yo! CompanyYO!
Home is a very happy home. How do we know?
Its bed celebrates all its storage and space
Save achievements by jumping happily. Credit: YO!
Because innovation breeds success, success makes you feel extremely spacious, tearing the next page from you!
Go home to the books, go where none of your friends' apartments have been: Underground and in the air. 6. Press and pull.
In addition to calling an amazing city a "home", Christian Schallert's 258-square-
Small family in Barcelona, so the game-changing?
In fact, it is almost an empty rectangular prism.
Until you treat its cabinet doors like you do with Lego toys and press them to reveal a new world full of infinite possibilities.
By installing spring, you can easily create unlimited possibilities for your apartment
Load the doors onto your cabinets, storage racks and any other hollow objects.
Credit: Barbara pupolon afterwards, pull your bed out from under your little balcony and sleep like a baby from all your hard DIY storage hacks.
Source: Barbara bobolong 7
Divide and conquer.
Apart from providing a temporary bedroom for your roommate, splitting your apartment with partitions creates new legal opportunities.
Something simple, such as a room partition, DIY wooden pallet warehouse door or a sliding storage wall of 390square-
The walking little home of Gramercy Park is everything you need to conquer every private event that your roommate will not leave.
Credit: MKCAWho needs to buy a bigger house when creating any number of rooms in seconds? No one. 8.
Pretend it until you succeed.
Is your apartment boring?
Heal it by pretending you are an angel and making optical illusions, except with lights instead of death --defying stunts.
First, open the curtains or blinds of the windows and watch the sun magically exude in your place and look in awe.
Then, make things better by copying these 260 lighting tipssquare-
Small family from the upcoming nine feet-story micro-
Apartment building in Kips Bay: Credit: nadelts/Ledaean (
The above rendering is for demonstration purposes only and is different from the actual interior of the home. )
A huge, bare balcony with sliding glass doors flooded the Subwaycar-
Create a home with natural sunshine and make your mind think the place is bigger than it is. Light-
The colored walls reflect light and further expand the space.
All of this occurs while track lighting and embedded lighting highlight various locations to add characters.
Feel alive and magnificent characters. 9.
Bring you the gym.
"I don't have time to go to the gym, not to mention the space to exercise at home," said travelers who have never heard of Zoku, a small hotel for digital nomads.
In addition to the vast amount of secret storage space, niche tables, stairs and wardrobe closets that pop up from the wall, zoku has one of the most effective fitness equipment ever: Zerofloor-space-
Gymnastics rings.
Pick up the wooden gymnastics ring (
Wood rings are less than plastic rings and are better maintained at that time)
From a place like Rogue Fitness, fix them on a bar or a mounted hook and get to Hulk-
You are hijacked when you follow the super human gymnastics ring strength training. 10.
Keep minimum.
If you rent an apartment and want to return your security deposit, you should not have surgery on it with some of the space above --
Saving skills and storage skills.
Instead, inject space into it without leaving any scars.
Simple Szymon Hanczar 140-square-
A small home in frotzev, Poland, teaches you to reduce the size of your items.
Just keep what you absolutely need and/or make you happy.
Donate, give away, recycle, throw away or store the rest.
After all, less is more space, more space is more freedom.
10 of these small houses prove that space is relative.
Your home is only as small as you make it feel.
So, apply these spaces.
Save tips and storage tips when you can.
Because you should have a bigger house without paying for it.
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