10 quirkiest hotels in latin america - retractable wall

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10 quirkiest hotels in latin america  -  retractable wall
Drainage tubes. Waterfalls. Bullrings.
These are usually not related to hotels, but they play a role in the most interesting places in Latin America.
This hotel goes further than the nightly service and free breakfast collection, making your stay even more memorable. Tubohotel (
Portland, Mexico)
Tubohotel models the fashionable Dasparkhotel in Linz, Austria, transforming 20 concrete sewers into a simple hotel room.
The pipes are cleverly arranged by three groups, 8 feet wide and 11 feet long, with the Queen
Size of bed, desk lamp and fan.
Claustrophobia or amenities
No need to apply for a driving trip.
17 S/N Tubo Hotel, trácatiko Gloria Tower, tepozland, Mexico;
739 395 3613;
From $31 per night (Cape Verde)
Croatia, Costa Rica)
In the dense forest on the west coast of Costa rica, there is the remains of an old-fashioned Boeing 727.
This is not an ominous relic of a flight problem, but a luxury hotel suite.
In a series of more traditional accommodation, swaying on the hillside, the fuselage of the old-fashioned 1965 jet was transformed into two
The bedroom rental features a dining area, a living room and a small wooden deck for the discovery of toucans, roaring monkeys and other jungle creatures.
Sit in an upright position at the Verde hotel in Grand rica.
Costa ververdethe surrounded the two-bedroom body of the "727 body house" suite in perfect condition.
However, in addition to the unique gangway shape and curved ceiling, the interior feels more like a wooden bungalow than a plane.
The green coast, about a half-mile entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park and Kepos, includes capacity-building. +506 2777 0584;
727 suites guadalupti resort, $250 per night (
Guadalupe Valley, Mexico)
"Luxury cottage" sounds a bit contradictory, but that's not the case when you talk about 20 designer shelters that make up this lower California resort.
Every sparse but chic unit includes king-
Size of bed, ceiling fan and floor-to-Ceiling windows.
The hotel is located in the rugged terrain and is integrated with the landscape of this fertile wine
Growing area 90 minutes south of San Diego.
Guadalupe tilaen courteno resort. Tecate-
Encadeus, 75 kilometers, Guadalupe Valley, Mexico;
646 155 2775;
From $175 per night, Rapa's nest tree house, Barrio Bonito, Costa Ricka, with six floors, four bedrooms and two bathrooms, Rapa
Built around 60 feet of a towering guanacaste tree in the remote South Brother rainest rainforest, this tree provides guests with unexpected luxury such as warm showers and air
Conditioned reflex, not to mention the bird
View of local wildlife.
Rapa's nest tree house, 13 kilometres north of Jimenez, Puerto Rico, Barri obbonito, Goss ; ; +508 714 0622;
$1,850 per week (
Sao Paulo, Brazil)
In addition to its name, the hotel is unique in its shape.
The work of Ruy Ohtake, one of the most talented architects in Brazil, is said to be from the boat to a piece of watermelon, everything is similar, but the building is just a clever way to bypass the city buildingheight codes.
Inside, except for the round window of the room and a strange, transparent, retractable wall, between the bed and the bathroom, it is no different from any other upscale property.
Unique Hotel, Av.
Jardim paullista, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4700, Luis Antonio;
3055 4700;
$370 per night (Gamboa, Panama)
It's better not to lick the salty walk in salparacio, Bolivia.
Courtesy palthis de SalThis 12-
The room cottage above the treetops of Soberania National Park has an unusual origin.
It was built by the United States. S.
In 1965, the Air Force, as a radar tower, helped defend the Panama Canal and was later used for everything from controlling air traffic to helping the war against drugs.
Today is the hotel and natural observatory.
360 roof deck-
Below the forest.
It is popular with birdwatchers who want to get a glimpse of the two-horned ant birds, blue cotinga and other species that inhabit the canopy.
Canopy Tower, soberrania National Park, 35 miles north of Gamboa, Panama; +507 264 5720;
$120 per night (three-night minimum)Sal Palace (Potosi, Bolivia)
You may be tempted to lick the walls in this quirky hotel, but please do not do so.
Especially if you have high blood pressure.
Because the whole thing is made of salt.
In fact, billions of tons of salt come from nearby Uyuni Salt Fields (
The biggest in the world.
Unusual Building materials are used to build floors, ceilings and almost everything in between, including 9-of the bed and the property-
Golf course.
Saar Palace, Uyuni Sara, Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia; +591 68420888;
From the $135 breakfast each night, you can have a bird's eye view of the Rapa nest tree house in Costa Rica.
Laba's nest-tree roommate, magaka (
This is a trek to this 13-
Room retreat in the middle of Huilo-
Huilo bio reserve, but do it well and you will be treated as a Vine
Volcano coverage-
The shaped cabin erupts every day, spewing water from the side of the hotel.
Step inside and the woodsy theme will make you feel like you are in a divine settingout tree.
Given the look and feel of the place, you may think that you will be surrounded by The Hobbit, but your neighbor is actually a puma, gowls and other creatures at home in the forest
Montania Málaga in valonet-
Hualuo Biological Reserve, Chile, Pan guipley, 530 miles south of San Diego;
56 233 559 38;
Real Zacatecas from $200 per night (
Zakatkas, Mexico)
Take a look at this luxury hotel and it's not hard to imagine that its previous incarnation was San Pedro Square, the 19 th century bullring. Forty-
There are now nine suites, once grandstand, once a place for Matador to fight the beast, and now a charming courtyard.
All of this was recreated to appease hotel guests while retaining the classic colonial style of the building.
Real Zacatecas, Av.
Ignacio Ray ón 434, Colonel.
Centro, zakatkas, Mexico; +492 922 9104;
From $126 a night.
Fernando del Paine, Chile)
In this ice house cluster, charm meets sustainability
The shaped suites allow visitors to explore the rugged Patagonia plains with adventure gear Cascada expedicione.
The dome was designed to mimic the dwelling houses of the nomadic chuanka tribe, which used to live in aregreen features including low
Countries and regionsof-the-
Art compost of toilets.
There is also enough power to charge your camera so you can take a lot of incredible photos of the Torres del Paine landscape.
Paine National Park, about 200 miles north of Punta arrenas Airport, Fernando del Paine, Chile;
2923 5950;
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